Bonjour, mon cher Nuffnangers!

Today shall be declared Tummy Treats Tuesdays because here’s another blogger contest that we have in store for you – and yes, it’s about food (if that’s what you think)!

Have you been to any food fairs or conventions lately? If so, well I bet you liked the feeling of being tempted to splurge on all those variety of “taste” that surrounded you during your visit! Was there a specific food discovery that you found in one food fair, which eventually became the “apple of your eye” in the following food fairs you’ve attended to? Cupcakes, rice toppings, hungarian sausages, turon de leche, grilled seafood mixes, milk teas/shakes and more… I know, right?!

Guess what? The biggest and most delicious food fair is back! Now on its fourth year, Best Food Forward is proud  to bring to us yet another grand, exciting, fun and food filled weekend. Happening on October 11 – 12, 2014 at the Rockwell Tent from 10:00 AM to 9:00PM, we suggest that you prepare your tummies for this inevitable yet delightful TASTEmptation! Hardcore food galore is on our way, Nuffnangers!

BFF 4 POSTER 8.25 x 10.75 - SEP 8


Here’s how you can score a free entry to the sought-after food fair:

  1. Save and post the Best Food Forward poster (above) on your Instagram account.
  2. As for your caption, simply answer this question: “What food do you expect to get your taste buds on at the upcoming #BestFoodForward on October 11-12, 2014?”
  3. Tag the following accounts on the photo
  4. Share/Post away, copy the url link to your Instagram post, and fill out the gravity form below:


    October 11-12, 2014 | Rockwell Tent | 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

We will be choosing one hundred (100) Nuffnangers who will receive two (2) tickets each! One for you, one for your food buddy, and none for Gretchen Weiners!

Submission of entries starts today until September 30, 2014.

Ready those tummies, taste buds and burps, and join the #BestFoodForward blogger contest now!



Nuffie Jamon
Twitter: @jaaamesmartin
Instagram: @jamesjasonmartin

Jamon Martin
Nuffnang Community Team

Happy Friday, Nuffnangers!

After receiving more than a hundred Breaking Bad DVD submissions to our “Sykes E-Recruitment Blog Giveaway”, we’re finally announcing the lucky winner with True Blood DVD the most interesting and creative entry!

SocialTile - Sykes Winner

Congratulations to Jonalyn Lora of!

Here is a sneak peak at her winning blog entry:





Extending our many thanks to all the Nuffnangers who took time to submit their entries! Always be in the look out for our next contests and dvd canada we might pick your entry next and win awesome prizes!

Congratulations dvd box set once again to our winner!

Please wait for our e-mail on how to dvds box sets claim your prize!

Nuffie Clei

Twitter/IG: @cleisalvador

Celine Salvador
Nuffnang Community Team

During the Guardians of the Galaxy movie screening held last July 31 at the Shangri-La Cineplex, our Nuffnangers Christian Louboutin Shoes thought that their month of July’s sweet ending would just end with the movie screening. Surprisingly, Cadbury Dairy Milk announced that the Louboutin UK sweet ending wasn’t over yet, and that they’re giving away a brand new iPad mini to the Nuffnanger with the best blog entry about Louboutin Outlet their movie experience that night!

And now that the Cadbury jury has finally spoken, Louboutin Store we’re announcing the winner and the runners-up of the post-movie screening contest!

SocialTile - Cadbury Contest Winner

Check out Cher’s blog post about her Cadbury movie screening experience here:

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.50.56 AM

Also, check out the blog posts of the runners-up:

To all the Nuffnangers who participated both at the Christian Louboutin uk movie screening and post-event contest, we can say that it was truly a sweet ending for us all! Congratulations again and see you all at the next movie screening!


Nuffie Jamon

Twitter: @jaaamesmartin
Instagram: @jamesjasonmartin

Jamon Martin
Nuffnang Community Team

For sure everyone raved so hard, splurged on all the amazing gadgets in dropped-down and discounted prices during the CYBER MONTH TECH SALE at all Cyberzone branches in SM Supermalls!

But our
Louboutin Canada CyberRave blogger contest has come to an end, my fellow Tech Troopers, and we Louboutin Outlet shall now hail the techiest trooper who raved hardest among the other troopers alive.

SocialTile - CyberRave Winners

You shall receive a brand new LG G3 phone courtesy of SM Supermalls!

Check out her winning entry here:
Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.02.00 PM


To all those who took part and raved with us in Louboutin Shoes this blogger contest, congratulations as well and we hope to see that you enjoyed the contest brought to you by SM Supermalls! We wish to see your names in our upcoming blogger contests! May the force be with thee all, Nuffnangers.

Like SM Supermalls on Facebook at ,Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes follow them on Twitter and Giuseppe Zanotti canada Instagram (@SMSupermalls).



Nuffie Jamon
Twitter: @jaaamesmartin

Instagram: @jamesjasonmartin

Jamon Martin
Nuffnang Community Team

Good news, Nuffnangers!

What a Louis Vuitton Outlet great way to end August as Nuffnang, together with OLX Philippines, announce the lucky ones for the Going Yesss, Yaman with OLX blogger contest! Congratulations, Louis Vuitton UK winners!

SocialTile - YesssYaman Winners

Extending our many thanks to all the Nuffnangers Louis Vuitton bags who took time to join this blogger contest. It really took us a hard time in choosing the winners for this Louis Vuitton bags uk contest!

Again, congratulations! Louis Vuitton sale Kindly please wait for our e-mail on how to claim your prizes!


Nuffie Monika

Jamon Martin
Nuffnang Community Team

Hey there, Nuffnangers!

We just wanted to share with you about how great it was to actually experience an awesome break. Thanks to KITKAT, our bloggers were able to take a break that they’ve been wanting to have and watch Guardians of the Galaxy!


IMG_9490 tracy anagon and vernIMG_9493


Before we started, the bloggers were turned into KITKAT Agents, but the first step to becoming a KITKAT agent was to enjoy a treat from NYFD ­– which they eventually did. How cool is that?food

(Photo courtesy of @mariloudoma)

 Afterwards and before the movie screening proper, the KITKAT agents were surprised with a movie trailer launching their new campaign, Agents of the Break! Our own Talent bloggers Camie Juan, Tracy Ayson and Chuckie Dreyfus were shocked when they saw their selves featured on the big screen.

camie juan tweet

Right after the movie screening, our bloggers were given an amazing treat by KITKAT. Not only that they bagged freebies from KITKAT, they also received personalized KITKAT Agent t-shirts.


(Photo courtesy of @nbaguinaldo)

A movie pass, free meal, Kit Kat® gift bag, personalized Kit Kat® t-shirts and becoming one of the Agents of the Break – what else would they ask for? It was such a great way to end the month of July.

We can’t wait to see you in our next movie screening!


Nuffie Monika

Monika Cagalingan
Nuffnang Community Team

Instagram @Nuffnang

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