As a kid, my parents were very strict when it comes to my dental hygiene. They always made sure that I brushed my teeth three times a day, flossed, rinsed my mouth with mouthwash, and had my regular visit to the dentist. I didn’t understand why I had to go through all these tedious steps. As I got older and busier, my mouth care routine wasn’t as strict as when I was a kid. My parents weren’t also there to remind me every time. I stuck to a tooth brush-only routine, even though my dentist ALWAYS advised me to floss and use mouthwash. And of course, it only left me with more trips to the dentist!

Like most Filipinos, I thought that flossing, especially rinsing with mouthwash, was a luxury, and wasn’t really important. I thought that brushing can already clean my teeth, mouth and gums. I thought it was enough. I didn’t know that every time I brushed my teeth, I only got rid of dirt in my teeth but not biofilm. Biofilm doesn’t sound that dangerous, but actually it is something we should be cautious of. It is a sticky layer where all our mouth’s bacteria thrives. When not removed, it can cause so much mouth problems like plaque and gum problems! So how do we get rid of this pesky problem? There’s only really one simple solution. A simple act I wasn’t able to do for so long. The thing my parents always told me to do. Rinse my mouth with the best mouthwash. The only way to remove biofilm is by rinsing with Listerine. With its unique formula and four essential oils, it is scientifically proven and designed to break and remove biofilm, and virtually cleans 100% of the mouth!

I know it’s difficult for us, especially Filipinos to add one more step to our mouth care routine. That’s why Listerine launched the Step It Up with LISTERINE Campaign. With it, more and more people are being encouraged to step up their mouth care habit with one more step — a simple rinse.

In line with this campaign, Step Up Your Food Trip with LISTERINE was held last March 27 and 28, 2015 at Eastwood Mall Open Park. It’s not just enough to have a healthy mouth. We also have to make sure that what comes in our mouth is healthy as well. Another struggle of Filipinos I think, is to have a healthy lifestyle. This event showed me that eating healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle is doable.

Step Up Your Food Trip poster

It was hosted by TV host, food blogger and lifestyle columnist, the lovely Sam Oh.


The event was graced by Chef Carlo Miguel of 71 Gramercy, Black Olive, Draft and Publiko, famous for his drastic hundred-pound weight loss.

The event also featured demos and tips from healthy food shops and brands like Kitchen Manila, Lunch Box Diet, The Sandwich Guy, The Mango Farm, Juice Hut Manila, Fitness Gourmet, Dole Philippines, Robinson’s Supermarket, The Daily Jusa, Fruitas, Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range, Dr. Tam’s Vegan House, Arla Food, Yummy Diet and more.



They were able to share that with just one twist (whether it be an ingredient or cooking style), we could easily change our diet to not just good, but great! Not just tasty and delicious, but also healthy!

There were so many healthy dishes and juices that were prepared at the ‘Step It Up’, ‘Step It Up and Twist’, and ‘Step It Up and Squeeze’ booths.


Stepping up to a more clean and healthy lifestyle isn’t complete without rinsing your mouth. Listerine provided rinsing stations where people can visit after each activity that showed how easy it is to include one easy and important step to achieve a healthier mouth.


Not only did Listerine inspire me to step up to eating healthy, it also inspired to me to step up my oral health. With Listerine Total Care’s 6 benefits in 1, it is the most complete mouthwash for me. With tons of benefits like: fresher breath from the first rinse, whiter teeth on the 7th day, healthier gums on the 14th day, and stronger teeth on the 21st day, what more can I ask for in a mouthwash? It also reduces plaque, kills germs, and prevents tartar to keep teeth naturally white. And of course, removes that nasty layer of biofilm!

So remember that brushing is not enough since it cannot remove biofilm that will eventually destroy the teeth and mouth! Let’s leave our old habits behind and step up to a healthier one. It’s simple and easy with LISTERINE Total Care.

Visit to learn more on how to step up for a cleaner, healthier mouth!                                                

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To all bloggers,

As we constantly cooperate with government agencies and institutions in order to provide better reporting and transparency with our network of bloggers, we have been advised by the Bureau of Internal Revenue to increase the withholding tax from the current 2% to 15%.

In this respect, we will apply the required 15% withholding tax on all payouts to bloggers in our network effective immediately.

In return, we will also provide for a Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld at Source (BIR Form 2307) to reflect the amount withheld and remitted to the revenue bureau.

You may then use the Form 2307 as proof of partial tax payments when you file your returns.

Form 2307

Despite all these being performed, professional bloggers should be reminded that they are still required to file an income tax return to report income and to pay the difference between the tax withheld and the tax due on the income.

Should you have any questions, bloggers are encouraged to contact use via our help desk so we can assist them in this compliance.

For your guidance.


The Nuffnang Philippines Team

Ren Tupas
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Hey Nuffnangers!

It’s time to fuel your zest for travelling once more!

We’re proud to announce that after receiving so many of your inspiring and wanderlust-worthy entries, we finally have the top three (3) winners for the Airbnb #WhereToNext Blogger Contest! These lucky winners are now ready to take off to their new travel destinations, all thanks to Airbnb!

Airbnb contest-winners

Congratulations to Anne, Toni and Kessa for grabbing the Top 3 spots in our contest! Please wait for an email from Nuffnang Philippines on how you can enjoy your prizes!

Check out their entries:




Thank you to all the Nuffnangers who submitted their entries! Stay tuned for our next contests and who knows, it might be YOUR time to win awesome prizes!

Congratulations to all the winners again! We’ll be emailing you on how you can enjoy your prizes so do wait for that!


Nuffie Clei
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Celine Salvador
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Good News, Everyone!!

After reading so many of your creative submissions to the San Miguel PureFoods My Great Food Kitchen Makeover, we’re finally announcing the lucky winner with the yummiest entry!

Kitchen Makeover winner copy


Here is a sneak peak of her winning recipe:







Extending our  thanks to all the participants who shared their recipes and took the time to submit their entries for the San Miguel Purefoods’ My Great Kitchen Makeover Contest!

Congratulations once again to our winner!


Till next contest, everyone!


Nuffie Chinx
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Chinx Nunag
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Hey, Nuffnangers!

Nuffnang has just turned 8 years old!
Last February 21, we celebrated Nuffnang’s 8th Birthday at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati.



This year’s theme for our birthday bash is “infinity”. With 32,000 bloggers in our Philippine community, almost a million bloggers in our worldwide community, and 16,000+ successful campaigns, there are infinite reasons to celebrate eight years of Nuffnang! We want to thank all the Nuffnangers for their continuous support throughout the years. :)

The Mayuree Grand Ballroom was filled with Nuffnangers in sparkling gold and black attires.






As part of our celebration, we held the annual Nuffie Awards where we awarded the best and the brightest bloggers and social media influencers in the blogosphere.



Our host for the night, Eco Sala.


The event started with an awesome opening dance number from Alliance PH.


Here are the bloggers and social media influencers who won at this year’s #NuffieAwards:


The Jumpstarter – Cher Lui Pio


The Drifter and Blogger’s Choice – The Soshal Network


Powerhouse Podcast – The Morning Rush


The Hybrid – Vern and Verniece


The Artsy Gizmo – Louiegraphy


The Showstopper by Asus – Fashion Pulis

Here are the other bloggers and social media influencers who won:

The Horsepower – David Guison

The Enforcer by – Jim Paredes

The One for Zero – Ramon Bautista

The Wisecrack – Titas of Manila

We also awarded the best dressed of the night, Faye Condez and Kevin Yapjoco!


Prince Dundee Valencia charmed us all with his amazing serenades.


The Nuffies were also awarded that night!


The program ended with the awarding of the winners for the Globe Wonderfilm contest.


And of course, an after party was in order to celebrate Nuffnang’s 8 years!! *cheers*











A huge THANK YOU to all the Nuffnangers who have been with us for the past years! Here’s to more!! ;)

Nuffie Ren
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Hey there, Nuffnangers!

Last Wednesday, March 11,2015 in Hyve, Vista Residences, one of the leading condominium developers in the country recently launched five more towers. These towers are strategically placed near universities, giving the term “University Town” a vertical approach. The towers will provide study halls and common areas that promote a student community. With the new projects’ convenient location, it is easier for students to live their scholarly lives. The condominiums are packed with amenities perfectly fit for the student lifestyle!

Student Living Redefined
Vista Residences launched five new towers – Vista GL Taft, Vista heights in Legarda, Vista Brenthill Baguio, Vista Katipunan and Vista Recto. Each condominium has an E-Library, fitness center, swimming pool, roof deck, and multi-purpose function rooms for hosting parties, other social events, and school meetings/study groups. The towers are also eco-friendly. Each building takes full advantage of its solar panels. This helps lessen the condominiums’ carbon footprint. Eventually, Vista Residences hope that these solar panels will supply to more of the tower’s electrical needs. The units are tailor-fitted to the student needs, giving them a better experience compared to a normal dormitory.

Nuffnang blogger registration booth
Registration opened at 4pm and we welcomed guestsh and VIPs. Everyone came in their best sporty chic attires.The program was opened by a big number with the Vista PEP squad, some LED and Poi Dancers. It was a very high energy performance that left the audience at awe.

Vista PEP Squad and crew
LED Dancers
The event was hosted by Andrei Felix. We were also joined by our Nuffnang friends, looking fab in their sporty or casual outfits.

Andrei Felix gave us a humor-injected fun night
(From Left-Right: Tina Villa, Charlene Ajose, Phya Pineda, Jamon Martin, Chin Chin Obscena, Chessika Chua, Camie Juan, Tracy Ayson, Arisse De Santos, David Guison, Vern and Verniece Enciso)

They also had an interactive flash game and an Instagram contest to keep the launch a little bit more interactive and interesting.

Thank you for playing! Play again. 
A touch-screen LCD TV giving access to an interactive game powered by Vista Residences
It was indeed a high collegiate energy-infused launch! Looking forward to more great real estate ideas from Vista Residences!

To know more about the Vista Residences’ university series properties, contact 650 0753 or 0999 8871705 or visit Make sure to follow them on Facebook at /vistaresidencesofficial and @vistarescondo on Instagram.



Your new Community and Events Executive,

Nuffie Chinx

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