Hey Nuffnangers!

Get your dream closet, as Buffet Clothes Manila will be giving  an awesome shopping spree for all you fashionistas out there!

SocialTile1 - ClothesBuffetManila

Here are the mechanics:

  1. Follow/ Like all Buffet Clothes Manilia and Nuffnang’s 3 social media accounts namely; Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  2.  They will be posting in their Instagram a picture of the week, you have to REGRAM or REPOST it in any of your social media account. The more posts, more chances of winning! When reposting/regram-ing, Don’t forget to tag @clothesbuffetmanila and @nuffnangph with the hashtag #clothesbuffetmanila #prettypennyproductions
  3. Lastly, make a Blog post* answering the question:
    ” What’s the most creative way you can explain the concept of Clothes Buffet Manila? “ make sure the title of your blog is “Pick it, Zip it, Keep it with Clothes Buffet Manila”
    To further understand Buffet Clothes Manila, check out their website at:
  4.   After doing so,  fill up the gravity form to validate the entries:

    Clothes Buffet Manila

    Fill it up! So we can validate your entries!

Isn’t it simple? Just follow these simple mechanics and you might be one of the lucky winners of:

Revied SocialTile2 -CBM

1st prize- 2 Buffet bags*
2nd prize- 1 Buffet bag*
3rd prize- 1 Full outfit from Clothes Buffet Manila*
All winners will receive a Clothes Buffet Manila GOODY bag worth Php 2,500 each*
Contest is from August 22 – September 7


-Your blog must be registered in Nuffnang
-Winner shall be able to attend the event (October 17-18) itself to win the buffet bag, failure to do so deems forfeiture.
-Blog post should not be all pictures, should have texts to explain the concept
-No copy-pasting of statements and imitation of concept idea from how the Clothes Buffet Team explains it on their website.

Good luck and see you at the next wave!!


Nuffie Monika

Monika Cagalingan
Nuffnang Community Team

Ola, Nuffnangers!

Traveling is one of the things we, in Nuffnang Philippines, always look forward to. Be it spontaneous road trips or just driving around the metro via commute, we just can’t help but hop from one destination to another – you know what they say, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Then again, there are factors that one needs to consider when travelling, most especially when you own a private car. Above all else, it should be SAFETY, on top of the list.

Most of the car brands today sell not the features and look of the car alone (well, partly) but the convenience and safety that it ensures to their consumers. For Toyota, safety is essential for everyone. It’s their #1 priority and not just a part of their set of rules. Constantly developing better technology to create safer cars is their work’s cornerstone because developing good safety habits can make every moment with Toyota more fun and safe.

Now that they need our help to create a safer road environment, we are one with Toyota in making every ride safe and fun – that’s why we’re joining the Toyota Seatbelt Art Contest!

PH Campaign Picture

Toyota, together with Nuffnang Philippines, invites everyone to join their seatbelt art contest. It is a regional design competition open to everyone residing in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and here in the Philippines.

Here’s our very own entry:


As for our design, we played around with the Toyota THUMS (Total Human Model for Safety) mascot (which is a requirement in creating your design). The tropical pattern represents the stylish or trendy personality we want the driver to imbibe – just like how we, Nuffies, are always on the lookout for new trends and styles while having fun at work. The blue background represents the house color of Nuffnang Philippines. The circuit pattern represents our natures of work – technology, social media, events, online, blog & advertising.

Please vote for our design here:

Now that we have presented our own design to you, Nuffnangers, it’s now time to hear from you as well!

But first, let me… choose a CATEGORY!

  • If you’re a blogger, design student, design teacher or design professionals of any age, PROFESSIONAL CATEGORY is for you.
  • If you’re not any from those aforementioned occupations, then you can join the OPEN CATEGORY regardless of your age as well.

Here’s how you can join the Toyota Seatbelt Art Contest:

  1. DESIGN – Create your original seatbelt pad design either by hand drawn or computer graphics.
  2. REGISTER – Sign in with your Facebook account to register for the contest.
  3. UPLOAD – Upload your seatbelt pad design in JPG format via PC only.
  4. GALLERY – All valid entries will be displayed in the contest gallery. Get your friends to vote for you!
  5. WINNER – For each country, Toyota will select one (1) Professional Category winner and two (2) Open Category winners from the Top 10 most voted designs. Each winner shall receive an iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi and 10 seatbelt pads of their winning designs!

SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN NOW! Contest period is from June 30 to August 31, 2014 only!

Buckle up your seatbelts and join the movement as we save lives and make every ride fun towards a safer environment!

For more information, please visit



Nuffie Jamon
Twitter: @jaaamesmartin
Instagram: @jamesjasonmartin

Jamon Martin
Nuffnang Community Team

They say that Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, but how about if you won’t have to spend that much for it? Like for free, or with cash coupons? Good life, isn’t it? Well, all thanks to Airbnb for it connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries.

We’re proud to announce that these winners are now ready to check off a dream destination in their bucket lists!

SocialTile - Airbnb Winners

Again, congratulations Czarina, Celina and Nina for grabbing the Top 3 spots in our contest and for earning a lot of qualifying sign-ups! Please wait for an email from Nuffnang Philippines on how you can enjoy your prizes!

Check out their entries:

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 3.20.29 PM


Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 3.21.21 PM
The Travel Junkie

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 3.22.56 PM
The Islander Girl



Nuffie Jamon
Twitter: @jaaamesmartin
Instagram: @jamesjasonmartin

Jamon Martin
Nuffnang Community Team

All hail to thee, Tech Troopers!

It’s the time of the year again for SM Supermalls to highlight all their gadgets and technology-related products because it’s CYBER MONTH TECH SALE! Stock up on the latest gadgets at discounted and dropped-down prices in the biggest technology sale this 2014! From upgrades to new models to competing brands, deciphering what’s worth the splurge can be exhausting and confusing for anyone who isn’t tech-savvy. So, SM Supermalls wants to make it easier for your followers.

NUFFNANGERS! We invite you to join our very first blogger contest with SM Supermalls – CyberRave!

SocialTile - CyberRave

Simply follow these mechanics:

  1. Rush to the nearest SM Cyberzone branch today until August 31, 2014.
  2. Tell us about your favorite gadget (laptop, pocket gadgets, printers, etc.). You may also share it with us through photo sets or vlogs (video blogs). Don’t forget to include the statement:Get yours now at the SM Supermalls’ Cyber Month Tech Sale!! #31HappyCyberDays #EverythingForTheTechieInYou
    Like SM Supermalls on Facebook at, follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@SMSupermalls).
  3. Relate your article to how technology has changed your way of living.
  4. Publish your blog post and fill out the gravity form below:

CyberRave – Cyber Month Tech Sale!


HERE’S THE BEST PART – not only will you be giving your fellow Techies some sound advice, but you’re also giving yourself a huge chance to take home a brand new LG G3 phone!


Here is the list of the SM Malls with Cyberzone branches in it:

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.08.56 PM

Or you can go to this link for more details about Cyberzone:

Be the first on scene with the newest gizmos as SM Supermalls celebrates Cyber Month until August 31. For more details, like SM Supermalls on Facebook at, follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@SMSupermalls). Contact these numbers for queries: (02) 876-1111 (Metro Manila) / 0917 876-1111 (Globe) / 0908 876-1111 (Smart) / 0922 876-1111 (Sun).

We’re looking forwarding to reading your entries! May technology be ever in your favor.


Nuffie Jamon
Twitter: @jaaamesmartin
Instagam: @jamesjasonmartin

Jamon Martin
Nuffnang Community Team

Hey Nuffnangers!

We’re so excited to share with you our baking experience with Moderne Culinaire Academy!

We were recently invited by Moderne Culinaire Academy for a one of a kind cupcake baking class. The academy is quite young in the Philippines but it offers a wide variety of courses such as Culinary Arts with specialty in Asian, American and European cuisines. They are also offering other classes such as Baking, Nutrition, Culinary Artistry, Wine/Beverage appreciation and Larder or Cold Kitchen. What’s good about Moderne Culinaire Academy is that they have a 1:9 student-teacher ratio which increases efficiency in learning so the students are more hands-on and focused.

Our baking class was headed by Chef Edward Mateo, the youngest chef in the academy who is just 26 years old! Chef Edward is known for his creations in hotels, and for celebrities like Manny Pacquiao. He’s also the owner of Royale Patisserie where he showcases his talent through creative ways in making cakes, cupcakes and even large scale pastries.



Chef Edward Mateo

For this class, we made two kinds of cupcakes: chocolate and red velvet.


Check out Nuffie Eason, Monika, and Emon channeling their inner chefs


Before anything else, the Nuffies were briefed about the basics in baking cupcakes


Look how excited we were to start our baking adventure!


Looks yummy isn’t it?


Of course we had to taste the batter if it needs some adjustment (hehe yum!)



While waiting for the chocolate cupcakes at the oven, we moved on to the next recipe, RED VELVET CUPCAKES!


Once mixed we also prepared it for the oven to bake


We baked all of these! Uhuh, with the help of MCA


A cupcake isn’t complete without the frosting! So we made Belgian Chocolate frosting and Cream Cheese frosting!


After doing the frosting, we were challenged by swirling the frosting over the cupcakes


Added cherries and an accent of white chocolate


Next is we mixed another batch of frosting and added melted Belgian chocolate for an added chocolate taste


Added the frosting



Added more toppings to complete the look of our yummy cupcakes. Isn’t it soooo appetizing?


Finally! Time to munch in those yummy cupcakes we baked!

Thank you Moderne Culinaire Academy for this one of a kind baking experience! We definitely released the foodie in us. We can’t wait to experience more of your classes in the future.

If you would like to try out the same course or even other courses offered by Moderne Culinaire Academy, you can visit their website at or you can also follow then on Facebook Twitter and Instagram to check out their latest offerings.

Eason Deguzman
Nuffnang Community Team

Hey Nuffnangers!

NN&Lifetime - Flower#E8E7A3 - Copy for blog


Wanna be part of the first few in Asia to witness the exclusive show preview of the hit novel Flowers in the Attic before its TV premiere?

The first 30 Nuffnangers to fill up this gravity form will be given two (2) tickets each to the exclusive preview on August 5, 2014, 7:00 PM at Cinema 4, Glorietta 4 in Makati City!


On August 4, only the first 30 Nuffnangers who made it to the cut shall receive a confirmation message via SMS and email from Nuffnang Philippines!

So get your hands on your keyboards now and fill up the gravity form! Again, this screening is only for the first thirty (30) Nuffnang-registered bloggers to fill up the form above!

#GrandmaRules #FlowersInTheAttic

Eason Deguzman
Nuffnang Community Team

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