How’s it going, Nuffnangers!

If there’s one thing any girls would drop everything for, it’ll be (of course) shopping! That’s right! Especially that Christmas is just around the corner, who wouldn’t agree to that?

Last Friday, October 17,  we, along with the winners of the Nuffnang X Clothes Buffet Manila blog contest and a few Nuffies experienced a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. A shopping-all-you-can setup housing almost 30,000 fashionable pieces in one floor. Here’s the catch – we were were only given 15 minutes to grab all the clothes and fit everything in a 32 x 23cm ziplock bag! Can you imagine how much pressure we got ourselves into?

photo 4 (3)Check out our shopping experience at the Clothes Buffet Manila last Friday:

IMG_7517 IMG_7516
Look at these fashionistas on the floor trying to fit all their grabbed clothes in the ziplock, except Yuki Tansengco who still managed to be “all glammed up.”



After the crazy shopping scene, our very own Nuffnang Talent Yuki Tansengco of was interviewed about how her shopping experience went by.


twinie cbm

Influencer Arisse de Santos and blogger contest winner Twinie Ng made their own collages summarizing their experience at the Clothes Buffet Manila.

And of course, Nuffie Clei and I were able to experience it too with blogger Cher Lu Pio!



IMG_7511IMG_7504IMG_7506 Blogger contest winners Ruth Dela Cruz, Twinie and Sophie Ng, and Michelle Hill were too satisfied with their bagful of new additions to their very own wardrobes.   

L-R: Arisse de Santos, Nuffie Monika, Yuki Tansengco, Nuffie Clei and Selena Dagdag

We sure did enjoy another kind of BUFFET – the only buffet who burned our CALORIES in just 15 minutes.
To know more about Clothes Buffet Manila, visit


Nuffie Monika
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Monika Cagalingan
Nuffnang Community Team

Hey there, Nuffnangers!

It was a pasta-rific day last October 14, 2014 as we held La Filipina Premium Pasta’s Love The Pastabilities blogger event at Black Olive Cerveceria to showcase to some of our food and mommy bloggers the “endless pastabilities” that each and every variant of La Filipina Premium Pasta has to offer. It was a day bursting with fun and festivity as the bloggers were enthused to unleash their inner artistry as they were taught the tricks of the trade of pasta food styling and food photography.

10620811_10204069856741091_8260344328489364909_n Black Olive Cerveceria donned in rustic and vibrant ornaments

DSC01145Nuffies Monika, Dianne, and Clei eagerly awaiting for the guests to arrive 

63734_10204069856501085_4805214561308982716_nThis live instagram printer from Print Social prints all photos uploaded during the event  

DSC01254#lovethepastabilities and #morepastabilitiestoenjoy were the official hashtags for the event

As soon as the bloggers arrived, they were asked to answer the contest question via Twitter “What is your favorite pasta dish and why?”. The winner of the twitter contest gets to take home a prize from La Filipina Premium Pasta!

DSC01189Glaiza Tominio of reading the contest mechanics from the rustic scroll

DSC01194 Rina Zamora wasted no time in answering the contest question

DSC01204 Hmmm.. what could mommy Peachy Adarne’s favorite pasta be?

To get everybody in the mood, the bloggers played an ice breaker game to psyche and pump them up for all the exciting activities ahead of them. Our food and mommy bloggers played a best of 3 rounds of Heads Up– a guessing game using a tablet.

DSC01206Host Dianne and Nuffie Monika demonstrating the game

To make everything more fun and challenging, we decided to add a twist in the game and that is to make all the words and categories related to… Pasta! Now the bloggers and the audience got even more excited to play the game.

DSC01228 And so it begins!

DSC01239What competitive bloggers we have here!

DSC01266  Jill Bantang of still exuding grace under pressure

DSC01279Phew—That was a tricky one!

Once everyone was energized with the ice breaker game, we proceeded with the event’s main highlight—the Food Styling and Food Photography workshop by Ms. Josephine Pineda, renowned marketing and creative consultant and food stylist/photographer.

  DSC01324Ms. JV teaching our bloggers the basics of food styling and photography

DSC01315Looks like they’re enjoying every bit of the workshop!

DSC01374 The bloggers watch intently as Ms. JV starts her demonstration

DSC01597It’s so hard to resist Ms. JV’s finished product

DSC01572Ms. JV imparting some good tips on food photography

Now it’s our food and mommy bloggers’ turn to unleash their creativity with the pasta. The bloggers with the most artistic pasta creations will win special prizes from La Filipina Premium Pasta! Game on!

DSC01357It was a pasta feast of sorts!

DSC01457The bloggers shop for their desired ingredients

DSC01493Time to work on these delightful pastas!

DSC01596Now this one looks very promising

DSC01593Pasta garden, anyone?

DSC01512Shells to spice up your pasta? Why not!

DSC01556Look at all these delectable creations! Good job, bloggers!

There was also an Instagram contest to showcase the photography skills that our bloggers acquired from the Food Photography workshop. The winner for this one gets to take home another special prize from La Filipina Premium Pasta.

DSC01566Jane Chua of and Berylle Hong of applying the techniques they learned from the food photography workshop

DSC01527What a cute creation!

DSC01570Awesome use of props, Berylle!

While the bloggers enjoy the scrumptious meal prepared by La Filipina Premium Pasta and Black Olive Cerveceria, Ms. Rosanna De Dios from the La Filipina Pasta Marketing Team gave a talk on how the Endless Pastabilities can be maximized using La Filipina Premium Pasta.

DSC01641Ms. Rosanna De Dios giving a product presentation

Currently, La Filipina Premium Pasta has three available variants: The La Filipina Spaghetti, La Filipina Elbow Macaroni, and La Filipina Penne. These three variants are already such household favorites but guess what? La Filipina Premium Pasta will also be releasing their special shapes very, very soon. Exciting, right? Now that’s definitely something we should all watch out for.

10734116_10204069856901095_3421680594467257950_nLove the pastabilities with La Filipina Premium Pasta!

The contest winners were shortly announced, right after the bloggers filled their tummies.  For the Twitter contest, Jane Chua won. The Foodstagram photography contest was awarded to Rina Zamora of The Food Styling Contest had 3 lucky winners; Jane Chua of, Rina Zamora of, and Gerry San Miguel of

1922405_10204073620595185_3782325123176073079_nLook at all our happy winners!

DSC01501With La Filipina Premium Pasta, every dish is worth foodstagramming!

DSC01682Thank you to all our food and mommy bloggers!

 A special thanks to La Filipina Premium Pasta for this wonderful experience, it was definitely one to remember! Preparing and styling our favorite pasta dishes has never been this enjoyable and creative!


The Nuffnang Community Team

Celine Salvador
Nuffnang Community Team

We all have that one moment when we want to try some new food adventures to satisfy our cravings aside from the usual “home” servings. Plus, we never forget to save that moment by taking photos and sharing it on our social media accounts.

Last October 11 & 12, 2014, Best Food Forward, in its 4th installment, held the country’s biggest benefit food fair in the metro and we were very lucky to be a part this year. Not only that our cravings were satisfied, but it also fulfilled one of our possible ways to give back.

Take a look of our latest gastronomic experience yet:


Best Food Forward housed a wide selection of food discoveries to thousands of “foodies” for two days. Tummies were definitely loaded by food concessionaires ranging from scrumptious grilled meats to mouth-watering desserts, and even healthy and organic munchies.

TTS Liempo

@TTSLiempo’s famous cracking liempo

The Food Scout

Our Nuffnanger Jill Bantang of @thefoodscout was seen enjoying her healthy @thenectarlabph drink.

The Bald Baker

Have you tried the mouth-watering cookies from @thebaldbakerph, especially their “chocolows” or choco mallows?


@Bigdogskitchen was one of the bestsellers and “food of the fair” during the event. Imagine, they were already sold-out as early as 5:00 PM on the first day, and 3:00 PM on the second day! Our favorite was their famous “The Cubano”. What’s yours? To Big Dog’s Kitchen: You guys better make some more in the next food fair! *wink

Yuki's Pick

Nuffnang Talent @YukiTansengco made her way as well and took home some of her yummy finds from @thebekiry, @captaincakes and @thenectarlabph.


Nuffie @easondeguzman enjoyed the Salted Toffee Caramel Ice Cream from @moolala_ph


One of the very interesting finds during the fair was @voilajars’ ready-to-bake jar cakes! On sale to the foodies were their newly launched Red Velvet flavor, alongside their other bestsellers namely Belgian Fudge no. 5 and Peanut Butter Mudcake.


Nuffnanger @rinasrainbow loved the Sweet Pepitas merengue! Here’s a fact: All proceeds of SweetPepitas’s merengue goes to their selected beneficiary, Project Wheelchair! Now that’s real Corporate Social Responsibility.

Burger Crab

One of the sold-out dishes in the event was the Soft Shell Crab Burger by Crunchy Crab. They also won the “Most Innovative Merchant Award” in the food fair.

best food forward 2014 bad apple

Nuffnanger @omgeoff of Geoffreview wanted to taste all the flavors of @thebad_appleph


Our Nuffie @armunar loved the company of @thebekiry


Our Nuffnang Talent @pickiesteater andher wife, @rinasrainbow, tried the Fluffernutter in a Jar by @pink.wasabi


Good Life Philippines also showcased #goodtastegoodlife with their delicious Corn Munchies and Kung Pao Noodles. They also gave away awesome gift packs to the fair attendees.


Everyone definitely had a blast trying out new and exciting foods. It was an event definitely worth looking forward to every year and a perfect reason to declare cheat day!

Gwen, Claire, Timmie

Best Food Forward wouldn’t be possible without these three lovely ladies – Timmie, Claire and Gwen. Hats off to them for this amazing event! We’re definitely looking forward to the 5th year of Best Food Forward!

10636102_552569088112902_7249075750935463589_n (1)

Just in case you weren’t able to attend this year’s Best Food Forward, they are inviting you as well to their upcoming Christmas gift and food bazaar entitled Yuletide Yummies. Of course, Nuffnang Philippines will participate again to give you Nuffnangers a yuletide Christmas experience that you’ve been wanting to have! So please keep your browsers on our blog and Facebook fan page for our upcoming giveaway!


Nuffie Eason

Eason Deguzman
Nuffnang Community Team

“The life of a mother is the life of a child:
 You are two blossoms on a single branch”

A special milestone in a mother’s life that changes her forever is the momentous occasion of having a baby for the first time. It is an exciting, blissful, and oftentimes nerve-wracking experience that introduces them to a wonderful new world that is Motherhood.

Being a first time mom can be such a thrill and delight but it sure is no easy-peasy mission to accomplish. A huge amount of preparation is essential for mothers who want nothing but the best for their little ones. Books, friends, relatives, and even Google can be of big help but first time mothers know that each and every single day with their babies is a learning adventure. As a mother, the surprises never seem to end and there is always so much more to learn, especially about the art of caring for your precious ones.


Enter Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby— the country’s most trusted and iconic brand when it comes to nurturing baby’s needs. They understand that moms have lots of questions about how to care for their babies such as “Paano siya papaliguan?” or “Paano tatanggalin ang cord ng baby?” or even, “Okay lang ba siyang i-massage?” First time moms are often faced with these kinds of questions causing them feel worried and anxious— but not anymore! Johnson’s Baby, together with the Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines [IMAP] helped in answering all these mommy queries, particularly those that are related to skin care by visiting the homes of selected mommy bloggers where they were taught baby skin care rituals that aid in baby’s healthy development. Adorable, right?

cover-templatePhoto courtesy of

What’s even more adorable is that our lovely mommy bloggers are sharing their experiences with us, Nuffnangers!

Check out the snippets of their interesting JOHNSON’S BABY Skin Care Rituals blog entries below:

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio 

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio may seem like a pro at being a mom (and a first time mom, at that!) but would you believe that Google was her best friend during her first few months as a mommy? Hop on over her blog and read more about her amusing stories as a first time mom to a healthy baby boy and learn about the tricks and trades that are perfect for baby’s nightly rituals.

 Frances Sales


Make bath time with baby your favourite bonding activity just like Frances Sales and her baby, Pierro! Learn more about Swaddle bathing — a gentler and milder way of bathing your precious little one and how it transforms bath time into a fun activity worth looking forward to!

 Lee Shen Gee Cala-or


Lee Shen Gee loves the No Tears Formula of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo just like everyone else! Find out why she feels nostalgic while using the product on her baby Claud, and how Johnson’s Baby aided her in making bath time with Claud a precious lambing moment.

 Michelle Sy


 Thinking about giving baby a massage? Go for it! In this informative entry, Michelle talks about Touch Therapy or in other words, baby massage. Learn about the correct way of giving your baby a massage and how it can benefit their health.

 Stella Esquieas


It is undeniable that a mother’s tender touch can work wonders for baby. Read about Misisteapot’s inspiring journey to motherhood and her learnings from Johnson’s baby to find out more about the miracles of Touch Therapy to your little one’s development.


Phew! Aren’t you interested yet? Go on and check out the blog entries of our ever lovely mommy bloggers and if you still can’t get enough of Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Rituals, you may also want to check out their new microsite!

This cute website contains pretty much everything you need to know about Baby’s Skin Care. Yup, you heard that right, it has pretty much everything! What a relief, right?! Now first time moms need not be scared anymore but rather excited and inspired—all thanks to Johnson’s Baby!

Happy Mothering!

Nuffie Clei

Celine Salvador
Nuffnang Community Team

Pants up, Nuffnangers!!

As time goes by, when your baby becomes more active – crawling, standing, walking, playing – the entire diaper-changing experience changes and becomes an unpleasant experience. As he kicks and turns around, eager to go back to playing time, poor fit in his/her diaper becomes a burden and of course, you wouldn’t want that for your baby (right?). Good thing there’s now an easy-palit diaper designed for your active and playful baby!

With the new Huggies Dry Pants, there is now a faster, more convenient and hassle-free way to change diapers — one that is easier and more comfortable for your baby!

Today is yet another amazing day for you and your little ones because Huggies and Nuffnang Philippines will be giving you a one of a kind “pants up” experience!

ProposedTile - Hugg#14EDAE3

Who wouldn’t want a YEAR-LONG SUPPLY of Huggies Dry Pants for their babies?

Here’s how to join:

1. Follow @HuggiesPhilippines and @NuffnangPh on Instagram and like Huggies PH and Nuffnang Philippines on Facebook.

2. Download the official Huggies Dry Pants Jingle here

3. Upload a 15-second video on Instagram showing your baby dancing, playing, and making all sorts of kulit moves to the tune of the Huggies Dry Pants Jingle. Make sure that your baby is wearing the Huggies Dry Pants.

4. The Instagram upload must be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #HuggiesPantsUp and tag @HuggiesPhilippines and @Nuffnangph when posting the video.

5. Make a blogpost about this contest and Huggies Dry Pants with the blog title “Easy-palit with #HuggiesPantsUp”

6. Lastly, Fill up this gravity form to validate your entry:

Easy-palit with #HuggiesPantsUp

Don't forget to fill up everything!

Isn’t that fun?!

There will be 5 winners, and each of them will receive ONE YEAR SUPPLY of Huggies Dry Pants, an Overnight Hotel Accommodation for two (2), and a spa Gift Certificate.

Also, we will be recognizing two (2) special awardees who will each receive a SIX MONTH SUPPLY of Huggies Dry Pants and a spa Gift Certificate:
Most Liked Video – highest number of Instagram likes
Most Shared Video – highest number of Facebook shares, retweets, and blog shares

The criteria for judging are:

Creativity. How creative is your baby in showing his Huggies kulit moves? – 60%
Brand relevance. Is Huggies clearly seen in the video? – 20%
Shareability. Was blogged and shared on Facebook and Twitter? – 20%

Videos must be posted on or before October 30. Winners will be announced November 4.

 So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this chance! Join now and show us your adorable babies in their Huggies Dry Pants!


Nuffie Monika
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Hey guys!

Nuffnang is looking for a new member to fulfill the role of Account Manager!


Here are some of the qualifications we are looking for as the Account Manager:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business
  • Thorough knowledge of Blogs/Bloggers and the Blogosphere
  • Adequate with various social media platforms
  • Good communication, organizational and presentation skills
  • Media-related sales achievement is advantageous
  • Position entails pitching to our network of clients and agencies, assisting in developing campaigns, and coordinating in campaign execution alongside bloggers and Nuffnang’s online system


If you think you have what it takes for this position, check out our career page or email your resumes to us!

Sales Department
Grace Montefalcon


Eason De Guzman

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