68 bloggers! We want you!


  Nuffnang wants 68 reviews.

  Nuffnang wants 68 valid entries.


   and Nuffnang is willing to pay 500 pesos to those

68 bloggers who can send one entry each.



This segment is dedicated to Nuffnangers who enjoy sharing what they know, like to give suggestions and comments, and basically a spot where we can all chat and share our views and thoughts, ANYTHING!

In time for the launch of Nuffnang in the Philippines, our initial chitchat would be about you and what you know about us. Nuffnang values you – our dearest bloggers! We want you, and we welcome you to the community to be more than a blogger but a NUFFNANGER.

Here’s the guide on how to have a valid entry and how to be entitled for the prize:

1. Add an ad unit to your site for one whole month so people can distinguish that you’re not just a blogger but a Nuffnanger.






See? That’s not so bad, it’s cute!







2. You need to be an exclusive member of Nuffnang.


Question: How to be an exclusive member of Nuffnang?

Actually it’s easy. You just need to sign up

here and make sure you’re not connected to any other local blog ad network.






3. Post an entry describing one feature of Nuffnang that you like best.


For example: It’s cool to be an exclusive member of Nuffnang but what’s cooler is the feature Nuffnang has for exclusive members or so we call Glitterati.

4. Share to your readers the experiences in signing-up at Nuffnang, like on how to register, be an exclusive member and how to post an ad unit.


For example: It’s easy to sign-up at Nuffnang, you just have to go to their site and click the sign-up online and registration can be processed in 48 hours.

5. Send the link of your entry to email address


Submission of entries is until September 30, 2008 and the lucky 68 bloggers will receive 500 pesos to be credited to their accounts. Minimum payment terms shall apply. The 68 valid entries shall be accepted to first come first serve basis.


We will post the entries of these bloggers to the website and a chance to be the next featured blogger will be given too.




Let the world hear you, Bloggers!





Site Admin
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. rgapeli :

    testing,.. i hope my entry will count,. more promos nuffnang(^^,)..

  2. daniel&david :

    what would be the mode of payment if you will be one of the 68 bloggers?

  3. Jehzeel Laurente :

    parang sinabi ko na lahat sa nuffnang welcome post ko ah.. baka redundant na pag ulitin ko.. hmmm hehe 😀

  4. I Am Downloader :

    i already send my entry!

  5. mrloo :

    I already registered weeks ago but never tried to put it up in my blog. Why not try it.

    @ daniel@david, I think they’ll pay it through paypal or I guess through check. hmmm

  6. Regnard :

    Nuffnangers… hehehehe

  7. pinaymommy :

    wow! this is an awesome start. :)

  8. Hannah Rika Villasis a.k.a. Flair Candy :

    whooo.. me too… but I’l think of somethin 😛

  9. Sarah :

    more perks! lurrvee it!

  10. admin :

    Hi Nuffnangers! Thanks for sending your entries but we have a little reminder to please make sure that all five requirements are present on your entry for it to be valid. All your efforts shall be appreciated so make sure you follow the instructions carefully. :) Regarding the exclusivity, you don’t have to take prior steps, all it takes is be connected-free from other local blog ad network, and we’ll give you the Glitterati status.

  11. rcolettes :

    Hello Nuffnangers!!! COUNT ME IN!!!!

  12. yatot :

    hey… nuffnangers… count me also… hehehhe…i will doing a blog post about nuffnang soon… hehhehe… i hope i can make it on time! 😛

  13. Galwin :

    Jumped in!

  14. Sheryl :

    tamang tama hindi pa ko nakakapag update about nuffnang…hehehe ^^
    i’ll post it asap! balik ako dito to post my entry 😀

  15. jmcerv2002 :

    I’ve made a new post. hope you guys like it. i left a little comment i hope you can work on too.hehe

  16. Jan Alvin :

    I already have a post about this week ago, is it valid?

  17. ark :

    I’ll also create one. 😉

  18. eleanor :

    already did…

  19. Rome :

    naku jehz! ok lang yan. gawa ka nlng ng post ulit hehe

  20. Pinoy Lotto Winner :

    Posted my entry already:
    Nuffnang Philippines


  21. Filipinayzd :

    Hello nuffnangers!

  22. Sheryl :

    i have a question can we post in tagalog or required talaga mag-english?

  23. fruityoaty :

    I’m going to “try” to force myself to come out of my nearly 6-month blog hiatus to post for this Nuffnang contest. Holy smokes… I’ve been away from blogging for nearly half a year! OMG, I killed my blog.

    Strangely… I recently found out that someone nominated me for 2008 Philippine Blog Awards (Bloggers’ Choice Awards category).

    OK, maybe my new adventures in Nuffnang Philippines “might” inspire me to blog again! Revive operation.

  24. louraine :

    I’ve posted about nuffnang two weeks ago. Will try again hahhaha

  25. Filipinayzd :

    LOL @ fruityoaty Same here.

  26. Mommy Elvz :

    I already email my enrty.


  27. mrpinoyblogger :

    Hi! Sana makasali rin ako sa 68 Bloggers! We want You! Thanks!

  28. Dyimz :

    Also emailed you my entry. Here is my post about Nuffnang Philippines:


  29. chococherrycoco - Blog » Nuffnang wants 68 bloggers :

    […] I signed up in Nuffnang last week and now they already have a promo for their members. How cool is that! Bloggers just need to satisfy 5 requirements and be one of the […]

  30. GX :

    I want to join sir/mam heres my entry:

  31. Macappleboy :

    I just did it! Here’s my link Thanks

  32. iva :

    Emailed my entry…


  33. Kevin Ray N. Chua :

    Here’s mine:

    Proud to be a Nuffnanger!

  34. pinaymommy :

    mine is finished!

    i hope i made it. my entry can be found here:

    thanks. :)

  35. » Blog Archive » Nuffnang Philippines :

    […] For further info go visit here! […]

  36. Lavern :

    Local blog ad network means adesense google is not counted? so I can join as an exclussive member even though I have adsense on my blog?

  37. Filipinayzd :

    Bat 68? Di 69 para kewl. hehe

  38. Filipinayzd :

    Guys. Wala naman sinabing ipost dito yung link a!

  39. the_empr3ss : my entry 😉

  40. Lionheart :


    Thanks! Go Nuffnangers!

  41. Sheryl :

    I have sent my entry thru email. I hope I’m one of the lucky 68 bloggers. WOoohh!

  42. atchucan :
    posted it up
    hope you guys would like my little entry

  43. my entry :

    to all nuffnangers,
    how will i pass an entry?
    should i just post the link here ? like this?

  44. jophilsuperman :

    Ok… I will.

  45. hailey :

    i posted mine here:

  46. Zigfred :

    made my post already since September 10, 2008. It’s here:

  47. Ambo :

    Here’s how to pass your entry

    . Send the link of your entry to email address

  48. admin :

    Reminder again Nuffnangers!

    Make sure you read ALL the requirements needed for your entry to be VALID. Thanks! keep those entries coming! :)

  49. Filipinayzd :

    Sino pa valid yung post. Pakopya nalang. haha

  50. Don Eleazar Balboa :

    Nuffnang webmaster, thank you for this great concept and gift. Buti pa nuffnang nasa dictionary na, e yung ogmemeng saka ognaog words, wala pa. If peeps wana know what those mean…. kiss muna 😀

  51. richard :

    i guess, i’m too late for this..

  52. The Council :

    […] been a month since they started the contest, and they have finally announced the lucky 68 Nuffnangers who will […]

  53. I am one of the 68. | Get A Life. :

    […] October 6, 2008 – just 9 days before I’d turn a year older, I won the Nuffnang 68 Bloggers Contest. After a month of waiting the official contest winners were announced through their […]

  54. I am one of the 68. | | Get A Life! :

    […] Monday, October 6, 2008 – just 9 days before I’d turn a year older, I won the Nuffnang 68 Bloggers Contest. After a month of waiting, the official contest winners were announced through their […]

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