Biggest Outdoor Gallery in Asia

Wouldn’t it be cool to see a number of art masterpieces on your way to and from work?

Picture North Luzon Expressway, EDSA and South Luzon Expressway as venues for these masterpieces. Now, there won’t be a need to imagine as 2ND MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS liberates art for Filipinos by transforming major Metro Manila thoroughfares into an art trail for the launch of the biggest outdoor gallery in Asia.

Through 2ND MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS, the Manila Outdoor Gallery Route will traverse North Luzon Expressway and EDSA up to South Luzon Expressway to show support for the ongoing movement of saving the environment.


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  1. I Am Downloader :

    This is really kewl! A great showcase for Filipino Artists!

  2. ExcEsc :

    1st ad of Nuffnang… ^_^

  3. earthlingorgeous :

    That is so cool so that was what the ad was about!

  4. kuya`dan :

    cOoL!!!! i wish i were near the area Y_Y


  5. ian :

    this is a great idea. hopefully it will provide the counterbalance to the urban blight in the form of inane billboards. an array of art and culture with positive messages of hope and change will definitely not hurt =]

    (i just hope the materials to be used will be sturdy and strong, else the messages maybe be “blown” away or the messages may “fall” on deaf ears…)

  6. LJDiaz :

    This is great specially this coming Halloween season wherein most of the people would be going back to their provinces. For sure marami makakakita nito!

  7. LJDiaz :

    another is pagdating ng holiday season!, christmas and new year! nice timing ang nuffnang!

  8. pakjwan :

    wow nice will attract lots of tourist and it is something to be proud of… good luck to this project.

  9. webslave :

    that’s really cool!

    rock on!

  10. fruityoaty :

    Oh, so that’s what it’s about… the ad I saw pop up today on my site! Cool!

  11. annamonique :

    Wow. The ad show up on my site too. When will this be and till when?

  12. marites :

    so, that’s what it’s all about the ad on my site:) that’s really eye-catching.

  13. lyka :

    That’s so00o great!
    Isn’t that a BIG break to all of our artist’s here?

  14. eMz :

    nice one. ^_^

  15. beejing :

    This is really great!

  16. Mindanaoan :

    Very nice!

  17. Aerrox :

    I had this ad at my site, why was it keep on and off?

  18. LJDiaz :

    Yup yup! the very first ad that they implemented blended well with my site!! Great!

  19. Filipinayzd :

    @Aerox, the ad is only to unique visitors (i guess)

  20. Filipinayzd :

    *only shown

  21. atenean101 :

    Yea guys! It`s really cool. We as bloggers of course need to support this, and how about a post of this ad? Hmmmm… It`s just an idea, but I`ll do it anyway. Haha. Check my blog later then for my post about this, but not now pls, I still have to sleep since I just got home from work. Haha. See yah see yah. Ingats sa lahat and goodluck! Congratulations to all those nuffnangers who have this ad on their blogs… Gracias!

  22. ragpalizer :


  23. Badet :

    Kudos to Nuffnang for reinventing the way we use the billboards! A great way to increase the awareness through positive and educational advertising.

  24. atenean101 :

    Hey hey hey… I`ve already posted my article about this stuff… hehe. I`m just really so proud about this. Check it out guys! Here`s the link:

  25. atenean101 :

    Hey hey hey, I`ve already posted my article about this stuff on my blog… so why not check it out. Here`s the link:

  26. annamonique :

    Yehey! First ad. 🙂

  27. dagitablog :

    It’s a brilliant idea!

    I hope to be there in the Philippines when those ads starts displaying.

  28. ice :, its a brilliant idea, we can attract tourists or visitors who loved and appreciate arts

  29. leizel :

    this is really great..

  30. James :

    That is so cool. Why do I have a feeling this project will trump MMDA art? lol

  31. rechie :

    Wow…this is so cool….this is my first ad from nuffnang….

  32. annamonique :

    Anyone pls help me on how to embed the large rectangle ad? It says it must be on the post.

    Just getting ready for the next nuffnang ad campaign. 🙂

  33. Mommy Elvz :

    Thank you nuffnang for choosing my site to serve your first ad.

    More power!

  34. Riyo :

    I want! 😀

  35. elaine :

    hope i get to see it on my site too 🙂

  36. Paul U :

    I just hope that next time I will see some ads on mine too.

  37. glitch :

    nice ad, catchy pa ang design. My first ad too. 😀

  38. Lionheart :

    Nakakatuwa naman…. Hehe 🙂

  39. ian :

    (un)fortunately, my work doesn’t take me to EDSA, NLEX, or SLEX… are the works of art installed already?

  40. rgapeli :

    wow this is my first ad(^^,)
    tnx nuff,.(^^,)

  41. johnny soriano :

    nice site. Hope to see more artworks.more power to all the artists.

  42. Sheryl :

    Thanks nuffnang for placing this ad campaign in my site~ ^___^

  43. rain :

    guys, try to do some visiting to my a new blogger…

    hope you rate me and make some comments from my post..

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