Catch a Real Leaf: a Paparazzi Blog Contest!

Hi Nuffnangers,

Happy New Year!
Lets start the 2010 right! Here’s another contest to kick off the new year!
Real Leaf Green Tea is made from 100% whole grean tea leaves that’s naturally packed with Theanine, and has a delicious hint of fruit and honey. You know it’s good for your mind and body.
But do you know just who might be drinking Real Leaf Green Tea?
Real Leaf launches its Paparraz-Tea blogger contest, open to all the bloggers of the Nuffnang Network!

Happy New Year!

Lets start the 2010 right! Here’s another contest to kick off the new year!

Real Leaf Green Tea is made from 100% whole grean tea leaves that’s naturally packed with Theanine, and has a delicious hint of fruit and honey. You know it’s good for your mind and body.

But do you know just who might be drinking Real Leaf Green Tea?

Real Leaf launches its Paparraz-Tea blogger contest, open to all the bloggers of the Nuffnang Network!

Here are the mechanics:

1. This contest is open to all Nuffnangers and will run until January 31, 2010.

2. To join, bloggers must take a picture of a person drinking Real Leaf and create a blog entry about it explaining:

  • Why the person was drinking Real Leaf
  • The situation the person was in

3. Each blog entry must have the uniform title: “Real Leaf Paparazzi”.

4. Once you’ve published your entry, drop an email to with a link to your post so we can keep track of it!

5. Entries will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Creativity of photo: 30%
  • Creativity of write-up: 30%
  • Popularity of blog post: 30%
  • Brand fit: 10%

6. Only one entry per blogger will be allowed for this contest.

7. Winners shall be notified via email and phone call.

Here are the cash prizes up for grabs:

  • First prize: Php 20,000 Cash + 1 Year’s Supply of Real Leaf
  • Second prize: Php 15,000 Cash + 1 Year’s Supply of Real Leaf
  • Third prize: Php 10,000 Cash + 1 Year’s Supply of Real Leaf
  • Consolation Prizes (blog entries ranked 4-10): Real Leaf Product Bundle + Premium Item

It’s so easy to join, right? Catch a Real Leaf now and be your own paparazzi! Good luck!

The Nuffnang Team

Site Admin
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Chary Coritanada :

    just wanna ask. How can I be a Nuffnanger? thanks po.

  2. Pinay Mommy :

    Wow! This is indeed an amazing way to kick-off the New Year!!!

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  4. Sarah Cada :

    WAH! I better turn on the Real Life radar on, then!

  5. elaine :

    I would love to join! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. MyMaria :

    one cool contest!

  7. kotsengkuba :

    Can I create multiple entries in one blog? Say 100 different photos posted on a single blog?

  8. Iris / Entrepremom :

    Hooooray! Another contest!

    Thank you Nuffnang :) Keep those contests coming!

  9. Pretsel Maker :

    i’ll join

  10. Edward :

    This is awesome! I’ll post it in my personal blog… I do hope its ok, I dont serve any ads there.

  11. gahaman :

    @Kotsengkuba: aba, ambisyosa ka!

  12. lhan :

    i have to take a good pic and a good post on it. im on!

  13. darqueangel :

    wahhhhh… i should always bring my camera then.. and be a real leaf paparazzi

  14. His Unfailing Love :

    I will try to join here too, Happy New Year!

  15. Dansoy :

    Wow! I did not make it the last contest,, Il try my best more this time and have more fun with Nuffnang! :)

  16. clarence :

    wow! this is cool! :)

  17. maying :

    wee! i’ll join! my first ever contest for the year 2010=)

  18. Albert :

    This is nice. :) Good way to start the year

  19. KUMAGCOW :

    Wow… amazin prizes!

    I can’t wait to write about this now! =)

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  21. Precious :

    Count me in! :)

  22. sernan :

    interesting contest! i’ll carry my camera everyday, who knows i might catch one…

  23. kasai :

    I joined just sent my entry

  24. steph :

    might give this a try ^_^

  25. Esvimin Faelnar :

    This is cool! Really Amazing with Real Leaf!
    I will send my entry soon..:)
    God Bless Nuffnang and more power!:)

  26. Berns :

    I think its worth a try.

  27. Mannoy :

    This is great

  28. Lionheart :

    I would love to join again… Lucky me on 2010!

  29. lhan :

    just finished my entry on this contest. heres my entry.
    thanks so much.

  30. Kimwell :

    I will definitely join!!

  31. Kimwell :

    This would be my first time to join a blog contest..Another reason why I should always be bringing my camera.

  32. Arvin :

    This is exciting! :)

  33. lhan :

    how would we know if our blog entry has been accepted for this contest?

  34. pehpot :

    done with my entry
    Real Leaf Paparazzi

  35. molestedtwineggs :

    nyahahah… i dont know if i can find that green tea brand here… hu.. di na naman ako makasali..

  36. Myungs :

    I want to join. I will do my best!
    Let’s do our best guys! :)

  37. Wayne :

    Wanna join this contest!
    Go Greenleaf! ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. kuri :

  39. kuri :

    Hi there nuffnangers!

    Here is my entry.


  40. marvis velasquez :

    heres my entry

    after a tiring exercise to shape up a little bit since the past festive season adds up a few pounds a real leaf drink will relief my body…

  41. NemOry :

    mg lagay ako entry bkas o mya.mer0n pa palang isang site na my c0ntest ng real leaf.hehe.thankz tlga c0ca c0la.and real leaf green tea

  42. Hannah :

    Hi Nuffies,

    Quick question. Does it have to be a “Drinkin” picture or pwede hinahawakan lang? Thanks ^_^

  43. SYDMAN :

    hmm… sounds interesting.

    kaso talo yata dito yung mga walang masyadong ping na sites…


  44. Ardy :

    hmm i’ll join.. this would be my first blog contest ever in my entire freakin’ life..

  45. Melissa :

    cool contest. I’ll be email my entry this weekend

  46. Mrs. Rono :

    Yay! This sounds very interesting. Cool contest!

  47. NemOry :

    heres my ENTRY guys hope you like it…hehe

  48. NemOry :

    hers mine guys not done yet so much …hehe

  49. Ardy :

    here’s my entry.. hope you enjoy reading it..

  50. irma :

    here’s my entry,please consider,thanks.

  51. yuli :

    im not yet done with my whole entry but my photos are quite presentable already. hehe. here’s my link guys.

    i wish you can visit my site. popularity of blog post is 30% ayt? please drop your comments and show some love. God bless Philippines! :)

  52. Lionheart :



  53. Wayne :

    Here’s my entry, you can visit:

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  54. RAIN :

    i will try to join to this contest, hope i can do it, even in my busy duty sched ๐Ÿ˜‰

  55. fjordz :

    Just joined the contest..

    hope you’ll support mine:

    Super Thanks Super Friends!

  56. yuli :

    hello, i just want to ask if do we have to receive a confirmation mail that indicates that our entry is already valid?


  57. Vince :

    Here’s my creative (or crazy, however you want to look at it…) entry for this.

  58. Hannah :

    Here’s my entry on

    I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed taking the picture and writing it ^_^

  59. Carlo V :

    Hi Nuffnangers, here is my entry post. Feel free to visit:

  60. Lionheart :

    Keeping my fingers crossed….

    Goodluck sa lahat ng kasali… :)

  61. Precious :

    Here’s my entry…

    Cheers to a truly great drink! We all love it!

  62. Ryan San Juan :

    Here’s my entry


  63. plankton1988 :

    I’ve just sent an entry now!

    here is the link of the blog:

    Hope you have time to check it out so as to give points in Popularity.

  64. plankton1988 :

    Iโ€™ve just sent an entry now!

    here is the link of the blog:

    Hope you have time to check it out so as to give points in Popularity. I guess my entry is more original, unscripted, stolen shots and most of all the paparazzi’s best photo..

  65. Carlo V :

    Take a look at mine. here

  66. Carlo V :

    Hi Nuffnagers I just want to share my post here:

    I have question to admin : Is is ok to edit the post after submitting? Like adding more photos.pls.advise

  67. lhan :

    when will be the winners will be announced?

  68. earthlingorgeous :

    I joined na!

    Here is my entry:

    Good luck to everyone!

  69. Karen Chayne :

    I just joined this contest…

  70. Carlo V :

    Hi Nuffnagers I just want to share my post here:

    I have question to admin : Is it ok to edit the post after submitting? Like adding more photos.pls.advise

  71. Ron :

    I need the cash.

  72. Francis :

    Just want to share my entry here:

  73. Mrs. Rono :

    Sharing my real leaf tea post on our travel blog —


  74. SYDMAN :

    I will also try my luck!

    please look at it! hehehe!

  75. jlapitan :

    i hope to win.. hehe…

  76. Francis :

    Here is my entry

  77. Francis : here is my entry

  78. Francis :

    How come my comments are not being shown??

  79. Francis :

    My Entry

  80. Lionheart :

    WOW! NIce… ANg dami natin… :) Love it!

  81. SYDMAN :

    good luck to all!

  82. Site Admin :

    @Francis Hi Francis please be patient. We have to sift through all the comments to approve new bloggers and ensure that comments are not spam. But once you’ve been approved your comments will appear automatically from now on.

    The Nuffnang Team

  83. Dhina Lieva :

    Thanks for this contest. I had fun with real leaf green tea!! here’s mine

  84. Dx :

    hi fellow nuffnangers! finally done with my entry! ๐Ÿ˜€

  85. willbill :

    Mga ate, mga kuya… Sa rules, di na kelangang ipost yung entry dito di ba? Hmmm… Ganun yung pagkaintindi ko eh… Email lang ok na…

    Sana po pag nareceive na yung entry may confirmation email…
    Kung meron mang confirmation email… huhuhuhu… Wala po akong natanggap..

  86. Jeizelle :

    Hi! Here’s my entry:

  87. nappy :

    sa wakas nagawa ko na yung aking entry!!! finally

    paki check out naman po… comment and share and i will do the same on yours

  88. Wayne :

    Good luck to all! Hope the best wins ๐Ÿ˜€

    Here’s my entry:
    Please check it out & leave a comment ๐Ÿ˜€

  89. nappy :

    tulong tulong tayo para bawat isa saten madaming views…


  90. Erickson :

    Here’s my entry for the contest.: =)

  91. Ellen Joy Castel :

    Submitted my entry na din. Kindly check it guys! (Thanks! in advance) Good luck sa ating lahat. :)

  92. nappy :

    check nyo naman po entry ko guys…

  93. Lionheart :

    Hindi naman talaga necessary na ipost dito ang mga links nila… Gusto lang namin :)

    Hehe :)

    Goodluck sa ating lahat!

  94. Brznf Yu :

    Here’s my entry to the contest. Hope you like it guys. Cheers and Godbless :)

  95. Brznf Yu :

    Hi Nuffnangers! Here is my entry to the contest. Hope you like it guys :) Cheers and Godbless :)

  96. yuli :

    we just want to share our entry to online users that’s why post our link.

    anyway guys, im done with my post.

    dont forget to drop some love! :)

  97. nappy :

    paview po ulet.. hihihi.. ang kulet ko… hehehe

  98. Ellen Joy Castel :

    Please check out my entry too, ty

  99. Brznf Yu :

    Hereโ€™s my entry to the contest. Cheers and Godbless

  100. Francis :

    So far eto plang pinaka magandang entry na nakita ko.. Bka eto manalo…

  101. MommyTalks :

    Hi fellow nuffies!

    Please drop by my entry… just wanna share it.. it’s my first time to join.

    Thanks and best of luck to all of us! More power Nuffnang!

  102. Site Admin :

    Hi Nuffnangers!

    Please remember the merely commenting on this post do not qualify your entries! Please make sure you also E-MAIL your perma-links to Remember contest ends on January 31, 2010!

    Send those entries now!

    The Nuffnang Team

  103. Jonnie Aristorenas Anzures :

    Hi, Nuff Nang People!

    First off, thanks for last Saturday’s treat! Really liked it and I met very interesting and nice bloggers. Nanay also says thank you for coming to her birthday at West Side Grill in Wack Wack.

    Second, I know I said I was going to join the Real Leaf Contest but because of circumstances beyond my control (one of my subject had an emergency and another is just too busy, and I’m running out of time), I am unable to participate. Sayang — may concept pa naman ako na medyo may pagka — strange. I even have an article / blog entry na! But without a photo, it would be useless.

    There may still be time to do the work between now and the Sunday deadline but if things go on as they are — I’m definitely out of the race.

    Again, sorry for this. I would really love to join and contribute. Probably some other project.

  104. rj's mama :

    here’s my entry my real leaf story

  105. Marian :

    guys… here’s my entry

  106. Crazylawrenz :

    Hi There Bloggers,

    I just wanted to share my entry :)

  107. Wyona :

    Hello there!
    Here is my post entry for the Real Leaf Paparazzi Contest!

    enjoy reading :)

  108. Wyona :

    is there any confirmation email or anything?

  109. Carlo V :

    Wish You all the best guys!

  110. Dale :

    Here’s my entry. Pls check it out:

  111. AnnMarie :

    Hello! This is my entry ^_^

    Thank you and have a wonderful day! ^_^

  112. Japaul :

    Will join the Paparazz-Tea Blog Contest! Not too late! ^^

  113. Ellen Joy Castel :

    it’s my first time to join a nuffnang contest…
    kaya guys, pa-visit po ng entry ko at pa-comment po please. salamat ng madami! :)

  114. Karen :

    Will post my entry later.

  115. Vlelyn Ang :

    Hope you will visit my site.
    My first time to join a blogging contest.
    Get to see my cute son !

  116. Beth :

    Joined too! :) advanced thanks for the visit!!! :)

  117. Beth :

    oops, you may check my entry at

  118. Manny A. Bauto :

    Here is my entry—>>

  119. Mike :

    The winner is

  120. molestedtwineggs :

    pahingi nga ng picture dyan.. ako na bahala mag edit at magkwento.. hehe.. baka pwede pa makahabol.. huhu…

  121. Edward :

    “Huli man daw at *ehem*, sana mahabol din”

    This is what we experienced with this refreshingly healthy drink:

    and I already sent my email. Goodluck to all of us and God bless!
    Thank you Nuffnang and Nestea!

  122. tinang :

    hello! here’s my entries:

    thank u! God bless:)

  123. Lowell Aguirre :

    Hi there! ^_^

    Hereโ€™s my entry:

    I hope yโ€™all enjoy it guys! Go Green! ^_*

  124. SYDMAN :




  125. janine :

    Three cheers for beginner’s luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  126. Dx :

    wow.. so many entries.. :) pa-visit na lang uli and goodluck to everyone :)

  127. Richard :

    hi.. here’s my entry:

    GOD bless..

  128. churwyn :

    I really wanted to join but I don’t have time to write my story. Congratulations in advance for the winners..

  129. Ellen Joy Castel :

    Hi! Thank you po to everyone who already visited and posted comments on my entry :)
    To those who haven’t, pa-visit po if you have the time… Here is the link again:
    In advance na…thank you super! :)

  130. elaine :

    This is so much fun! Here’s my entry:

  131. elaine :

    This is so much fun. Here’s my entry for the contest.

  132. elaine :

    Good Luck to all bloggers! Here’s my entry:

  133. Mrs. Rono :

    Thanks for all nuffies who took time to drop by our blog.

    See a glimpse of our activity-laden post at

    Best of luck to all :)

  134. rj's mama :

    here is my entry again. please do visit and leave your comments :)

    real leaf paparazzi

  135. Edward :

    Nakakatuwa naman ang bayanihan ng mga Pinoy sa Internet… Suportahan natin ang isa’t-isa! Mabuhay po kayong lahat!

    Eto nga po pla ult yung sa akin:

  136. elaine :

    Hope you can leave comments on my entry.


  137. Maren :

    hi guys…
    hope u can leave some comments sa entry ko …leave ur link der and i’ll visit ur entry din thanks po


  138. MinnieRunner :

    Here’s my entry

    You Comment, I’ll Comment :)

  139. Shen :

    Here is the link to my submission …. REAL LEAF… REAL CHANGE :)

  140. levy :

    Hi Guys, if you have time please visit and leave a comment on my entry too.

    Here’s the URL:

  141. Esvimin Faelnar :

    Hi Nuffnang,

    I already sent my entry through email last January 6, 2010.

    Just resending the URL link of my blog here..

    Here is my entry’s link:


  142. chiewilks :

    just posted mine..i hope it can be counted..goodluck to all and congrats sa mananalo!

  143. lhan :

    malapit ng matapos ang contest. visit my blog entry guys! thanks!

  144. tinang :

    hello! here is my entry:

    thank u and God bless:)

  145. SgtMack :

    finally! sent my entry!!! woot!!!

  146. Sahara D. Moralita :

    Hello here’s my entry

    Celebrating friendship with Real Leaf Green Tea

  147. nappy :

    yan po yung saken

    kulet lang..

    view nyo at comment and i’ll do the same


  148. nappy :

    view nyo naman.. tnx

  149. denis :

    yay! habol entry =)

  150. elaine :

    The contest is about to end. GoodLuck everyone.
    Again, here’s my entry:
    pa-comment naman! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  151. Dale :

    Dalaw po kayo uli and pacomment naman hehehe

    Thank you and good luck to all participants :)

  152. earthlingorgeous :

    :) and mga Real Leaf Paparazzi good luck ๐Ÿ˜€

  153. earthlingorgeous :

    mga Real Leaf Paparazzi good luck!

  154. pouch :

    hi guys! hope u comment on my entry too:

    Godbless us all. =)

  155. Lionheart :

    Goodluck sa lahat ng kasali… :)

    Last day na ngayon :) Yehey!

  156. Karen :


  157. Wyona :

    Pa visit naman po and drop a comment

    hope it’s not too late ๐Ÿ˜€

  158. Zach :

    Nice entries, everyone! Submitting mine, too. Photo finish!

    The most powerful leaders in the World of Warcraft caught drinking Real Leaf Green Tea! Check it out!

  159. kate :

    very late again :) hope it’s not too late

  160. Joey :

    My very last minute entry:

    Hope I still make it!

  161. KUMAGCOW :

    I was not able to join this contest because of time constraints, anyway goodluck to everyone who submitted their entries… =)

    I won an Avel Bacudio outfit from Nuffnang Philippines from the Medicol Advance event… Nothing is impossible so make sure you join every contest that Nuffnang introduces to the Philippines!

    We need more Filipino bloggers to be heard in this community so make sure you get your game on PINOYS!

  162. Site Admin :

    Thanks to all those who joined the contest. We have received quite a number of entries, a lot of which are really great entries. From the most serious and dramatic ones, to the more comical ones we at Nuffnang enjoy reading the entries of our bloggers.

    Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and as for this contest it is already closed. All entries submitted after Jan 31, 2010 are no longer valid.

    Please allow us to sift through the e-mailed entries and we will announce the winners as soon as possible. (Real Leaf will be the one’s judging!)

    Wait for more contests from us, as we try to give you the best blogging experience possible!

    The Nuffnang Team

  163. plankton1988 :

    thanks nuffnang admin…

  164. lhan :

    thanks to nuffnung for this blogging experience! hope for more to come!

  165. lhan :

    sana lahat na lang manalo kasi lhat my effort dito!

  166. rj's mama :

    hoping and praying… :)

  167. Plankton1988 :

    you guys rock! nuffnang philippines has been so good through out the years in giving excellent blogs… I like it! more power to the community leaders as well as its members… Kudos!

  168. Pinoy Big Blogger :

    This is nice and unique contest…:-)

  169. NemOry :

    sna makapanalo nga lahat joke heheheheheheheeh congratz sa mananalo

  170. Ellen Joy Castel :

    Thank you Nuffnang for this motivating blogging experience! :) Andaming entries and kita na nag-effort lahat kaya I agree, sana may makuhang prize lahat or mas madami ang mabigyan ng prizes… kung pede sana :) (and isa pang pinakaSANA: Sana kasama ko sa may prize :) hehe (crossing my fingers X) Thanks Nuffnang!

  171. SYDMAN :

    hehe! hope first time’s a charm.

    by the way, will it still matter if I pimp my work?

    don’t judge me… :)

  172. NemOry : winner nb?hehe..kakanerbyos tlga pg ksali sa cntest.2 site nlg natitira na d pa nka p0st ng winer sna my chance kht anu lg.kht png 10th.jwk.patawa ung entry q sna my png the way salamat tlaga.manalo matalo.weather2x lang ah.g0odluck to all

  173. Edward :

    My bad. Take a peek. posted and done.

    Real Leaf Paparazzi

    God bless to everyone and Good luck!

  174. Ardy :

    kelan po kaya announcement of winners?

  175. Carlo V :

    Dear Nuffnang and Real Leaf,

    I didn’t receive a confirmation that my entry was accepted but I was able to email the link of my entry to before Jan. 31. I also posted the link as comment here. Can you help me/?

  176. NemOry :

    Cge lg po antayin natin kng kelan popost lg yta ng new p0st un.hehe,c0ngratz sa magGNG WINner sna win ung akn plz.hehehe.gus2 q nan0 eh.hehe.tnx to alL

  177. lhan :

    just wanted to know when will be the winners will be announced? its already february and yet no winners are announced. hope to see the winners sooners! thanks nuffnang!

  178. elaine :

    I’m excited to know the result too! Good Luck everyone!

  179. NemOry :

    La pb tlaga?Hehe.Sna ako.Jwk.Hehe..

  180. Lionheart :

    Goodluck to all of us!

    Hehe :)

  181. Ellen Joy Castel :

    Oh, still no winners. Hope they can announce it before my CS op sched… and I really hope I’m one of the winners too! Yeah!:) Good luck to us guys! :)

  182. Site Admin :

    Hi Guys,

    Due to the overwhelming number of entries, (yes there were quite a lot) I think the company and agency is having a difficult time picking the winners. Please be assured that it is not Nuffnang who picks the winners but the company and agency. Rest assure though that we follow up with them on a weekly basis. We will indeed post the winners as soon as we get the list.

    As for those who are asking if a confirmation e-mail has been sent out, I am sorry but since we are undermanned we cannot answer each and every e-mail about a contest entry. As long as you sent it to gmail at least twice I’m pretty sure we got it. Goodluck to everyone and may the best entry win!

    The Nuffnang Team

  183. Dx :

    wow this is really intense ๐Ÿ˜› field looks so competitive that Real Leaf and its agency is having a hard time coming up with a winner.. :) well it’s a really cool concept so the best of luck to all of us :)

  184. paula :

    Godbless us all. =)

  185. Arline Wersal :

    Hi there, every time i used to check webpage posts here early in the morning, because i like to find out more and more.

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