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As a child, have you ever dreamed how it was to live in a fantasy world filled with magic, monsters, and heroes? Have you ever tried to describe this wonderful world that only your wildest imaginations could possibly fathom?

This February, Nuffnang Philippines brings you an exciting contest to complement an exciting game brought to you by the people who made games such as Cabal Online and ZX Online into household names in the Philippine MMORPG community.


The end *is* here: Runes Of Magic is here in the Philippines, and has been in Open Beta since January 8. With the ability to play one of eight exciting character classes, a robust and costumizable game system, as well as a vibrant in-game community, Runes Of Magic is the next level of MMORPG. Set in the fantastic land of Taborea, you will fight monsters, work with fellow heroes, and earn valuable treasure. This world is beyond even your wildest imaginations… or is it?

For the JRR Tolkien or JK Rowling in you, this is the “Life In Taborea: The World Of Runes Of Magic” blogger’s contest. With high-stakes prizes on the line, it’s time to summon your imagination to come up with a scenario of how it would be if you were to live your life in Taborea. What would you be? What would you be doing? Who will your friends be? Let your imagination run wild, and win amazing prizes for your efforts!

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Here are the mechanics:

1. This contest is open to all members of the Nuffnang PH Network, except employees of the Nuffnang Philippines and E-Games, and their relatives up to the third degree of consanguinity2. If you wish to join, just write a blog entry entitled “Life In Taborea: The World Of Runes Of Magic”.

3. This entry can be as long or as short as you wish, you may use pictures or video if you choose so as well.

4. You must write about how you would imagine yourself if you lived in the world of the E-Games hit MMORPG, Runes Of Magic. Set in a fantasy world of magic, monsters, and heroes, let your imagination run wild as you craft your own point of view about how life would be in this world.

5. Each blogger is entitled to only one entry each for the duration of this contest.

6. If you have successfully created an entry for this contest, just send a hyperlink to your post to the following e-mail address:

7. This contest opens on February 8, 2010 and ends March 8, 2010: winners will be declared two weeks afterwards and awarded at the E-Games event coming up for the bloggers. Watch out for invites to this event!

8. Prizes are as follows:

1st prize = 25K plus 5K GC from Hi-sierra ; Mobile Internet Kit

2nd prize = 15K plus 3k GC from Hi-sierra ; Mobile Internet Kit

3rd prize = 5K plus 1k GC from Hi-sierra ; Mobile Internet Kit

So what are you waiting for? Play the game, join the contest, and learn how it feels to be living in Taborea!

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Nuffnang Community Team
  1. jlapitan :

    hhmmm.. very interesting.. makasali.. hehehe.. kelangan ng wild imagination.. hehe..

  2. elaine :

    Wow another great contest. I have to start thinking of something creative! :)

  3. Marvz :

    nice one… been an online gamer ever since… heheheh… I will join this contest… goodluck to us…

  4. SYDMAN :

    Hmmm… contests are fun!

    count me in!

  5. Living Cebu :

    Another great contest.

  6. Ellen Joy Castel :

    The prizes are awesome! :) I want to join but this may be a bit difficult… hmmm. What’s the criteria for judging? :)

  7. Pretsel Maker :

    I like this game
    Ill join this contest

  8. mark :

    awooooo… contest again.. mtagal2 na rin akung nDi nkadsali sa mga contest diTo.. awooo. this s fun!

  9. Ardy :

    I’m an avid online gamer! I play CABAL online and Ragnarok Online.. and this game might be very interesting as well.. I’ll work out my imagination and come up with a nice blog.. =)

  10. goyo :

    I will join too! :))

  11. goyo :

    pwede bang tagalog dito? HAHA!

  12. Marvz :

    I will certainly join this contest… lets work our imagination out…

  13. Site Admin :

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the interest in joining our contests. As per the question on kung pwede tagalog, I surmise pwede naman since the company did not indicate that all entries are to be in english.

    The Nuffnang Team

  14. Opawtech :

    hmmm, I wonder if i join this contest. I’ve been busy lately but I do play this game a lot, my char is a Mage/Priest 28/25, IGN: Nami see you online!

  15. goyo :

    COOL! pwede pala tagalog. hehe. sabagay, we’re all filipinos here. :)
    thanks for the reply team Nuffnang. :)

  16. Lionheart :

    I will surely join this contest… :)

  17. goyo :

    delikado tayo kay lionheart nito. :)

  18. SYDMAN :

    hmmm… idea…

  19. Tony :

    This is one contest I will surely join.

  20. Rayes14 :

    wow.. first time joining. i’ll try :)

  21. Karen :

    would love to join too. sana makahabol ang entry.

  22. mariel :

    Wow wow! I like this contest. I would probably join, i have to compose first! Thanks!

  23. Japaul :

    join din ako.

  24. goyo :

    nag-submit na ko. sana narecieve nyo na po. :)

  25. kha :

    wow!first time q sumali ..I really love this contest will test how far my imagination will lead me on MMORPG world .hahaha

  26. NeverDainty :

    wow..interesting ah! join ako! :)

  27. wallyboycasuga :

    I want to join but I didn’t event tried to play this game.
    Hope i know the story.

  28. NemOry :

    i made my entry..hope they like it.hehehee

  29. Kathleen :

    I just sent in my entry! Hope you guys like it! :)

  30. Ellen Joy :

    submitted my entry na din :) Had fun writing it :)Thanks Nuffnang :)

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  32. NemOry :

    @admin??gud eve…pwd ask?kung pwd ba ma double send ang entry?para sure na nasend?hehe pwd kya yun?tnx

  33. Ellen Joy :

    Hi! I also submitted my entry, Had fun making it. Thanks for this contest Nuffnang and Egames!:)

  34. Don :

    The deadline for this contest is March 15 and not March 8 right?

  35. NemOry :

    march 8 po..jhehe..gudluck to all

  36. Alvin :

    Same question as Don’s, is the deadline really moved to March 15?

  37. rdnofera :

    Submitting my entry… i hope others can comment on my entry…


  38. Lionheart :

    This is my entry :)

  39. Lionheart :

    Nakahabool ako
    See my post :)

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