DKNY Be Delicious Giveaway!

Hi Nuffnangers!

DKNY Philippines is giving away 50 DKNY Be Delicious Sample Fragrances and Lotions to Nuffnangers who want to join the Delicious Core Club and design their own Be Delicious bottle.

But before anything else, watch this video first.

Now, are you more interested? Here’s how to get your hands on a pair of DKNY Be Delicious Sample Fragrance and Lotion:

  • Simply fill up the form (to appear on October 21 at exactly 10:30am) with necessary information — the first 50 Nuffnangers who do will get one (1) DKNY Be Delicious Deluxe Sample Fragrance and also one (1) DKNY Be Delicious Lotion for free!

DKNY Delicious Core Club

  • Please Input Name on ID
  • Please input blog URL
  • Please Input the number with which we can call you at for confirmation
  • Please Input Email used for Nuffnang
  • You can claim your DKNY giveaways at the Nuffnang office starting October 27, 2010, Wednesday.
  • You may design your own Be Delicious bottle on the DKNY Fragrance Facebook fanpage, and maybe even post your very own creations on your blog!

With regards to the giveaway, we would like to clarify the mechanics:

  • Each Nuffnang blogger is entitled to only 1 pair of DKNY Be Delicious Deluxe Sample Fragrance and Lotion. Thus, it is a requirement for you to supply your blog URLs when you claim it from our office; these URLs are subject to verification by the Nuffnang team through our system. We may ask for valid identification (school ID, driver’s license, etc.) when you claim it.

Updates (October 26, 2010)!

Here is the correct list of the lucky 50 DKNY giveaway recipients:

1. Ronald Delima
2. Frederica Myvanwy Mendez
3. Mariciel Estacio
4. Ma. Christina De Castro-Ladao
5. Sarah Cada
6. Lalaine Rimonte
7. Peachy Adarne
8. Adrian Cuyugan
9. Ria Hazel Lumandog
10. Heidi Lanzador
11. Ma. Divine Caraecle
12. John Michael Bueno
13. Gayla Michelle Reyes
14. Sabrina Anne Sarino
15. Sarah Curativo
16. Alvin Ong
17. Karen Lumayaga
18. Jennifer Aspacio
19. Orlando Pasion, Jr.
20. Maria Kristina Cruz
21. Mc Richard Paglicawan
22. Christine Iglesias
23. Don Cavar
24. Mervin Covar
25. Stonibert Lim
26. Jericho Alay
27. Karen Tuazon
28. Ruth Portia Floresa
29. Regina Anne Dimaano
30. Jeffrey Aspacio
31. Jennifer Valmonte
32. Glenn Richmond Ong
33. Jane Chua
34. Nadine Macandog
35. David D’Angelo
36. Karen Yamsuan
37. Frances Lorraine Haw
38. John Michael Maninang
39. Edil Joy Franco
40. Maureen Flores
41. John Cueto
42. Mary Grace Marquez
43. Agnes Manalo
44. Paul Mckey Eugenio
45. Maria Cecilia Tan Velasquez
46. Kristine Zablan
47. Maribeth Belleza
48. Gladys Machacon
49. Rholand Matias
50. Ishmael Vidal

  • Claiming period starts tomorrow, October 27 (Wednesday), until November 5 (Friday).
  • You may claim your giveaways at the Nuffnang Philippines office, located at Unit 2E03-2E05 Building 5, 925 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Office hours is from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays only. Please look for either Ms. Denise or Ms. Trixie. :)
  • For proxies and authorized representatives (should you not be able to claim the gift certificates in person), please have them bring a signed authorization letter with a photocopy of your (blogger’s) valid ID and his/her (representative’s) valid ID.
  • For questions, please drop us an email at with the subject “DKNY Be Delicious Giveaways.”
  • Unclaimed giveaways will be given to the other bloggers who didn’t make it to the first 50. So if you didn’t find your name on the list today, don’t worry, you still have a chance! But that’s about it for now and we’ll just keep you posted! 😉

The Nuffnang Team

    1. Elizabeth Dumlao
    2. Kate Ivy
    3. John Rey Labong
    4. Ruth dela Cruz
    5. Melardenio
    6. Dwight Suerte
    7. Kate Evangelista
    8. Ma. Paula Rhove Ortega
    9. Christian D. Insigne
    10. Lyn Cacha
    11. Vera Liane Rea D. Lugtu
    12. Kcat Yarza
    13. Juan Miguel Astorga
    14. John Dale Bacar
    15. Julie Fuertes
    16. Rahadel Destreza
    17. Darrel Jester
    18. Jennifer Apolinar
    19. Wheng Nalzaro
    20. Maria A. Jose
    21. Andresito Villato
    22. Vera Ocampo
    23. Rosette Jill R. Omana
    24. Maria Argentina Luz Tabac
    25. Earth Rullan
    26. Donnarence Masillungan
    27. Angel Ayala
    28. Joanna B. Morden
    29. Josephine Bonsol
    30. Millicent Marie Watson
    31. Ma. Katrina Camille Liwanag
    32. Iris Camille Mejia
    33. Rubilyn Escalona
    34. John Michael P. Wagan
    35. Ianne Marie D. Wagan
    36. Sharlyn Ang
    37. Joanne Viloria
    38. Flisha Fernandez
    39. Jed Chua
    40. Pehpot Pineda
    41. May B. Factor
    42. Elizabeth Palacios
    43. Mervin Marasigan
    44. Trish Lopez
    45. Vivian V. Aguilar
    46. Michelle Martinez
    47. Archimedes Remo
    48. Jhoana Roslin-Bandillo
    49. Jorena Fernandez
    50. Ailema May S. Feliciano
Site Admin
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. supermommyjem :

    I will watch out for this! Cool Fab!

  2. Andromeda :


  3. MyMaria :

    hmmm… i guess us provincial bloggers need to find representatives first to claim the gifts should we be included in the lucky 50 recipients… :)

  4. ma.christina ladao :

    ay wala na agad ang form?

  5. Denise :

    Hi Christina! The form will appear tomorrow, October 21, at exactly 10:30 am, as noted in the blog post. :)

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  7. ma.christina ladao :

    thanks Denise :)

  8. Kim :

    Yay! Will wake up early tom 😀

  9. UtamaOptometrist :

    wa~ I like this!

  10. Prosti :

    Ouch! I’m on a trip tom. :(

  11. zoan :

    paano ang from provinces?:(

  12. Josephine Bonsol :

    i really want to join this but unfortunately i’m in the comelec briefing at 10-12 tomorrow huhuhu, so i joined the design your bottle application in facebook na lang..

  13. Orlee :

    Wow, this cool.

  14. Redge Dimaano :

    I already put up the alarm in my cellphone so I won’t forget tomorrow! I’m so excited! I already created two DKNY bottle designs in facebook! :) good luck to us all!

  15. vivien :

    can I just asked if every member of nuffnang can have those DKNY freebies even if they didn’t get a chance to get the form??


  16. Lhan :

    this is cool! aabangan ko to 2m khit nasa ofc ako. hehehe.

  17. Lhan :

    ive joined the bottle design. pls vote for my design. thanks!

  18. jared's mum :

    yay, great giveaway!set the alarm at 10am later!

  19. Jericho (Bluecloud) :

    yehay. i would love to join ang give this to my sister. =)

  20. supermommyjem :

    (LOL) now I am waiting :)

  21. Divine :

    Start signing up now!

  22. Adrian Cuyugan :

    The form appeared before 10:30. Errrr, why am I complaining? Thanks Nuffnang!!!

  23. ria :

    Yay! Signed up already! Thanks Nuffnang and DKNY! 😀

  24. supermommyjem :

    yeah I think I am second or third one to sign-up. Happy Blogging! By the way, I would like to ask if anyone here be attending the Goldilocks Awarding tomorrow? I would like to attend but I don’t have a company since that would be my first time in Nuffnang events with sponsors

  25. Jericho (Bluecloud) :

    signed up as well. =)

  26. Karen :

    Hope I made it to the first 50.

  27. Jenn :

    I just filled up the form, I hope I am one of the first 50. I really love to win this, Donna Karan’s my favorite fashion designer.

  28. christina :

    yes I’m in! wooot! wooot!

  29. peachkins :

    Hope I make it…*fingers crossed*

  30. gracesongbird :

    just filled up the form

  31. Nadine M :

    Should we just fill up the form? Or should we post something on our blog about DKNY?

  32. Denise :

    Simply fill up the form. :) Although, we highly encourage you to also write something about DKNY. Perhaps, you can try out their very creative “Design Your Own Bottle” app on their Facebook and write about that? 😛

  33. Lhan :

    hope im in! woot woot!

  34. May :

    hope im still in!

  35. Kuwentong Ina :

    I hope I was able to make the cut-off :-)

  36. im invited « yes, i am anesthetized :

    […] …and i think i’ve already won! hihi (been logged in since 9.30) thanks nuffnang & of course, DKNY you make our lives easier to live! […]

  37. Kintster Beauty and Fashion :

    I hope I’m in , too!

  38. -=K=- :

    Sana kasali ko sa 50 :) Will wait for an email/call from you guys! Thanks!

  39. Amy :

    I forgot about this, I just remembered just now, I submitted my URL already.. hope kasama ako :)

  40. KUMAGCOW :

    who won????

  41. Orlee :

    Who are the winners? Hope na kasama ko sa list.

  42. theall-aroundmom :

    late :( hope I can still make it…:)

  43. Mhay :

    Cool and great! Hope I can make it for the top 50! Malapit pa naman ako sa office nyo! hehehe. thanks Nuffnang!

  44. princess :

    tapos na po ba?

  45. princess :

    sana pasok pa ko sa 50.. ^^

  46. supermommyjem :

    I designed a bottle here is the link

  47. Joanne :

    I’m crossing my fingers…hopefully I was able to make it on the list…

  48. rdnofera :

    Hi! I would like to ask clarification about the rules of the DKNY bottle design contest.

    Rule #1 of the guidelines say that the contest is open to all residents of the United States, UK, Spain, etc. but Philippines is not mentioned.

    My understanding of the terms of use is that we can use the bottle design application, but when it comes to the contest, I’m not sure…

    Are we eligible in winning this contest?

    Hope Nuffnang Phils. can enlighten us on this.


  49. Orlee :


    Where did you get the info?

  50. earthlingorgeous :

    woot i hope i still make the cut!

  51. quimboph1 :

    sana naka habol ako :)

  52. rdnofera :

    the direct link of the contest rules for the Bottle design contest can be found here…

    This link can be accessed by clicking the “contest rules” after entering the Be Delicious Facebook App
    1) click get started
    2) click contest rules found below

  53. DeejSpeaks :

    This is so awesome! My DKNY perfume is empty right now and I terribly need one! As in now! :)

  54. Dale :

    Awww I didnt get an email about this and I just read it now :(

  55. yodz :

    oooppss, late ako, sana nakahabol!

  56. KUMAGCOW :

    Did someone get emailed or called by Nuffnang? Did anybody win already? I haven’t seen a list of winners or anything like that hehe

  57. Orlee :


    wala pa nga eh

  58. melardenio :

    thanks nuffnang…sana may confirmation na .pwede sa wifey ko ito..

  59. Lhan :

    wait lang tayo guys. as per nuffnang they’ll post here the winners. sa 27 pa naman mag start makuha ang mga perfumes. so let’s just wait guys and cross your fingers na manalo.. ^^

  60. Karen :

    Excited to see the list.

  61. Frederick Gella :

    I hope I will be included. Thanks.

  62. Lhan :

    whoaaaaaa! im not in the list. huhuh. but its ok, my girlfriend is on the list! thanks pa rin nufnang!

  63. sab :

    waa.i submitted by entry almost exactly 10:30am of october 21st. why i didn’t make it to the list? huhu.. thanks for the opportunity though..i’ll try my luck next time..:)

  64. Ria Hazel C. Lumandog :

    Sayang. I even signed up before 1030. Oh well. 😀 COngrats to the winners! 😀

  65. gracesongbird :

    @Lhan where’s the list po?

  66. Frederica :

    Yay ! I’m #2 =)) Hihihihi. Thanks for this contest, Nuffnang \:D/

  67. Nuffie Denise :

    @Lhan & Sab,
    We apologize for posting the wrong list last night. Kindly check the list again if you’ve made it to the first 50. Good luck! :)

  68. sub :

    yey im in! thanks 😀

  69. ishmael vidal :

    oww nanalo ako *bleep* 😀

  70. MyMaria :

    Wow! and I thought I woke up late! Whew! now… to find someone to claim for me :) Weeeee! thanks Nuffnang!

  71. Redge Dimaano :

    Yehey!!!!! I won!!!! :) Winner!!!!! Thank you NuffNang!!!!

  72. Amy :

    arggg I’m not included :(

  73. ma.christina ladao :

    Yes!!! Thanks Nuffnang & DKNY!!!!

  74. Karen :

    Wow! I’m in. Thanks, Nuffnang!

  75. Jericho (Bluecloud) :

    yahoo! i got freebies! thanks nuffnang

  76. Kintster Beauty and Fashion :

    I won! Thanks Nuffnang!

  77. gracesongbird :

    Thanks NUFFNANG! I already got mine :) Love the scent.

  78. Lhan :

    tsk tsk tsk.

  79. Paul Mckey Eugenio :

    Thanks Nuffnang!Looking forward to visit soon! :)

  80. Redge Dimaano :

    I got my prize 4 hours ago.. :) i suuupeeeerrr love it.. :) Thanks Nuffnang!

  81. KUMAGCOW :

    I’m sooooo going there later hehe XD

  82. Lionheart :

    Haha! Salamat kaso nakauwi na ako rito sa Mindoro… :'(

    After undas pa balik ko ng Manila…

  83. ria :

    yay!im in again! thanks Nuffnang! :)

  84. sarah :

    Thank you Nuffnang! :)

  85. Nadine M :

    I can’t find someone to get it for me :( /sad

  86. John Michael Maninang :

    WIN 😀

  87. KUMAGCOW :

    Thanks Nuffnang! Got mine a few hours ago… =)

    Btw guys their office is at B5… entrance is behind the building… you might need to knock and see them there… guards didn’t know the office and might confuse you with the old one on the other side of the street… just go up the stairs and their door is on the middle..

  88. Orlee :

    Thank you Nuffnang!

  89. peachkins :

    Thanks Nuffnang.Will get mine next week

  90. ellen :

    niyeeks.. di ako umabot. Next time na lang!

  91. Jenn :

    I just found out this entry has been updated. I will get my prize on Friday. Thanks Nuffnang!

  92. Frederica :

    Got my prize earlier. Smells good ! Hahaha thanks Nuffnang 😀

  93. ria :

    Hi Nuffnang! Will be getting the fragrance later. Sana makaabot! :) Thanks so much. :)

  94. UtamaOptometrist :

    Woah! What a great contest u have here~

  95. sab :

    i got mine yesterday, thanks nuffnang and dkny!

  96. Ria Hazel C. Lumandog :

    Hi Nuffnang! I went to your office last Friday before 7PM, but the guards said your office is already close for the day. :( Hope I could still get mine this week. Thanks!

  97. Judd@Nuffnang :

    Congratulations to the winners! Join our other contests, and goodluck!

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