Your Nokia C7 Wish This Christmas May Come True!

Hi, Nuffnangers!

Here’s another chance to make your Christmas merrier!

This contest is for Nuffnangers who have at least one (1) ad unit on their blog.

For the mechanics:

1. Check out the new Nokia C7 and its very amusing features online.
2. Then ask yourself, “Do I want a Nokia C7 for Christmas?” If your answer is yes, here’s what you have to do: Create a blog entry explaining why you deserve a Nokia C7 this Christmas, and title it “MY CHRISTMAS WISH THIS YEAR: A NOKIA C7”.
3.  Fill up the form below to let us know you joined.

Nokia C7 Contest

  • Please Input Name on ID
  • Please input blog URL
  • Please Input the number with which we can call you at for confirmation
  • Please Input Email used for Nuffnang

TIP: Perhaps you can focus on your favorite feature of the phone and tell a story of how you can make it your own. After all, “it’s not technology; it’s what you do with it.”

How to win:

40% Content and Substance
30% Creativity
30% Relevance to the Theme

One winner gets to have his/her Christmas wish this year. So don’t wait any longer and blog your way to the new Nokia C7! Contest runs until December 23, 2010.

Good luck!
The Nuffnang Team

Site Admin
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. dhina :

    wow, this is a perfect Christmas gift for me! lol…. sana sana hehehe… i will surely join! Thanks nuffnang!

  2. xerdoms :

    Just submitted my entry. LOL!

  3. jry :

    sana nga ako ang makakuha nitong N7 para naman mapalitan na ang 3230 ko… sasali ako sa blog contest nito… tnx nuffnang!

  4. Marco :

    Is it in english? or we can write it in tagalog?

  5. genny :

    will surely grab this thing. perfect gift for myself.
    i will pray that this one will be mine. cheers!

  6. Nuffie Rendhl :

    @Marco: Tagalog entries are acceptable 😉

  7. Madz :

    Wow I want to join, will compose my article tonight! :)

  8. anciro :

    sana manalo….

  9. genny :

    my entry is up..praying to have this gift for myself. cheers!

  10. Claire :

    Oh wow!!! this is a very big opportunity for me to have a new phone!
    I’ll surely join hope i’ll win lol!
    thanks nuffnang! :)

  11. Event Lover :

    Ow, too bad di pa ko pwede sumali, wala pakong ad unit sa blog ko.. di bale nextime nalang

  12. Kira Permunian :

    Thanks! Tech Gifts are best gift this year!

  13. goodieboxcrafts :

    Love to have it!!!!!!

  14. Michael :

    Read mine, & hope I win.

  15. Jomar Lipon :


  16. Jomar Lipon :

    Hope I win.

  17. Lhan :

    Hope I have the biggest chance to win this Nokia C7!
    Here’s my post;

    thanks Nuffnang!

  18. Halie :

    What a great item to add to my Christmas wish list. Cheers to Nuffnang!

  19. Japaul :

    will definitely join this!

  20. Jay :

    Oh my! This is the first contest I joined here in nuffnang! I just want to give it a try….

  21. Madz :

    I joined. Hoping to win! Thank you Nuffnang! :)

  22. ceejay :

    wow… this is surely a dream come true – i want to have this… terrifically perfect for Christmas! :) i will join this contest. :)

  23. Rox :

    I hope this will ends on December 23, 2010… no extensions… para sulit xa for Christmas Gift. kung ma extend ito, di na yan Christmas gift, good for New Year na. heheeh!

  24. quimboph1 :

    Hello I just send my entry please inform me if I’m officially join the contest Thank you!
    Sana ito gift sa akin this Christmas

  25. Philippine Travel Guide :

    already sent my entry :)

  26. Emmanuel Mateo :

    Hi nuffnang,,what will be the main language to be used?is it tagalog or english? I will do my best to win.

  27. florencio jusay :

    Just sumbitted mine! 😀

  28. Oflodor :

    Here’s my entry, I’m not confident bout it though. Hope I win…

  29. joseph cadelina :

    just sent my entry…goodluck to us all!

  30. kotsengkuba :

    one one nokia c7 at stake? kawawa naman yung iba. hehehe 😉

  31. joseph cadelina :

    isa lng talga?

    luluhod na ako sa baclaran.pak!lelz

  32. SYDMAN :

    I hope I win! Here’s my entry! :)

    good luck to all! :)

  33. Chrisma jOY :

    my entry:)) I hope I get this phone. It’s my dream phone. 😛

  34. Febbe :

  35. Juliewrites :

    just submitted my entry.. :)

    good luck guys! ^_^

  36. Ria Hazel C. Lumandog :

    Sent my entry! I hope I’d win! 😀

  37. Chopsuey Rice :

    My first blog contest entry! Good luck to everybody!

  38. Drake Cataluna :

    Just sent my entry, whew!

    Here’s the link:

  39. Shekinah :
    yay! God Bless us.

  40. negosyopilipinas :

    i joined too…i hope i get notice by nuffnang now.
    goodluck to all and advance merry christmas and happy new year to all nuffnangers and all staff of nuffnang.

    a loyal nuffnanger here.

    heres my blog

  41. adaengkantada :

    yowz! just submitted my entry!

  42. Josephine Bonsol :

  43. shiella :

    hope we all win hehe

  44. Lhan :

    sana di lang isang c7 pamigay. sana kahit mga 3 or hanggnag 5 nuffnang. its chistmas naman na!

  45. Karen :

    Hi, my entry is up! Good luck to all participants.

  46. Febbe :

    my entry..

  47. Febbe :

    here’s my entry..

  48. sharon :

    Hi! this is the exact url

    to I’ll win… hehehe…

  49. sharon :

    Hi! this is the exact url

    hope I’ll win… hehehe…

  50. joanne :

    my entry is here:

    goodluck to all of us 😀

  51. Kim :

    I joined the contest! I hope I win. Goodluck to Everyone who’s joining :)

  52. Becky :

    Yay! I just entered this contest too! *keepfingerscrossed*

  53. Mao :

    Good Luck to everyone! hopefully the most deserving wins!

  54. nursingmania :

    wow! how wish I could have one of those C7 Nokia phone :)

  55. SiRVis :

    SiRVis and Nokia C7 = MFEO!

  56. nursingmania :

    this is my entry wish me luck! i keep my fingers crossed!

  57. Becky :

    Yay! I joined this contest too! This phones sounds awesome…

  58. james :

    I hope I can win this C7…I love this promo guys….cheers! for Nuffnang….

  59. james :

  60. Ruth :

    just sent my entry to nuffnang!

  61. prosti :

    woooot! I want one.

  62. Stonibert Lim :

    Hi Nuffnang

    Hope Nokia answers my prayers!!

    Thank you!!! Good luck to us all!! Merry Christmas!!

  63. Divine :

    Merry Christmas!
    Namamasko po, Nuffnang! :-)

  64. april :

    just submitted my entry..good luck to all of us!:)

  65. Reyvan Fadallan :

    Hello, it’s said that this is for bloggers with at least 1 unit ad from nuffnang. But I haven’t been given one :( I really wanna join. Help! 😀

  66. elvie :

    wishy wishy wish wish wish… a Nokia C7 please…

  67. Jayson Biadog :

    Hi, Nice contest Team Nuffnang here’s the link


  68. Leah :

    Good luck to everyone who submitted an entry! Mine’s here —

    Merry Christmas!

  69. anciro :

    merry christmas po sa lahat!

  70. Semidoppel :

    Wee I joined here’s my entry

  71. aj :

    Just recently joined… good luck to everyone!

  72. Alvin Domanais :

    I wanna touch this touch phone X3

  73. ms. eggplant :

    Merry christmas! I’ve been a real good girl this year. Hope I get it =)

  74. hitokirihoshi_kawaii :

    here’s mine

  75. Lali :

    Count me in!!!

  76. halojin :

    here is my entry hope you read it… Hope i win this phone

  77. halojin :

    here is my entry.

  78. TheDork :

    Hi Nuffnang! Here’s my entry for the contest. Hoping for a better luck! :)

    *crossfingers* OMG. This phone will be excellent with my presence. HAHAHAAH LOLJK. :))

  79. TheDork :

    Please replace my current comment entry. The link I inserted was broken.
    ^ That’s my final entry. Thanks you very much! 😀

  80. RmR :

    what’s the second prize for this? if somebody else is deserving than my entry, the 2nd prize will do for me. how about a NOKIA C7 without charger as the 2nd prize? i’ll just buy the charger… LOL!
    just kidding! Advance Merry Christmas to all!

  81. papabear :

    hey a nice phone >.< but only one winner.. good luck everyone

  82. Lynx :

    Posted my Christmas wish already — I hope Santa hears me.

  83. pusangkalye :

    hi Nuffnang team,

    here’s my official entry for the NOKIA C7 contest. My 1st Nuffnang CONTEST participation. hope you find time to check it. more power to you!!!

  84. Lionheart :

    My entry…

    Habol pa :-)

  85. Lionheart :

    Pwede pa ba?

  86. Mobile Games :

    wow! a missed a lot of contests sponsored by nuffnang. This time, i should be prompt in submitting my entry.

  87. Tj :

    Hey, here’s my entry! Hope you guys love it!

  88. Mona :

    hope to win! merry christmas everyone :)

  89. harveyassen :

    posted my entry :)

  90. Gigi :

    Here’s my post! Goodluck to everyone! 😀

  91. Melissa Marasigan :

    Here’s my entry:

  92. moonchild117 :

    Hi guys! Here’s my entry for this contest:

    Good luck to us and Merry Christmas! :)

  93. ofwdin :

    Just submitted an entry. Good luck to us all.

  94. Allan P. :



  95. zh3en22 :

    Still have time, I send my entry today. By the way here is my post “MY CHRISTMAS WISH THIS YEAR: A NOKIA C7”

  96. Camile Flores :

    passed mine already days ago. just want to make sure :)

  97. iamchibee :

    Yey! just submitted my entry… so happy :)

    Goodluck everyone!

  98. RmR :

    got a “suntok sa buwan” entry for this nice promo… hehehe…

    maybe you also want to learn how to invest in the Philippine stock market. just visit my blog-blogan.

  99. KUMAGCOW :

    Here I am trying my luck again… I hope I win the C7. Merry Christmas Nuffies! I hope that whoever wins the C7 he/she’ll have a good heart and give it to me instead! LOL!

  100. Sharron Clemons :

    posted my entry :)

  101. Camile Flores :

    Good luck to everyone :)

  102. Coolbuster :

    Submitted my entry. Thanks for the opportunity Nuffnang. Merry Christmas to one and all!

  103. rdnofera :

    hope you could give me confirmation if you received my entry…

    thanx, Merry Xmas and goodluck to all! :)

  104. nicquee :

    My entry is up. I hope to win! Good luck to all of us.

  105. Gloryrose Dy :

    I hope I get noticed by Nuffnang now. I already sent out my entry.

  106. Bicol Today :

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

  107. Jeff :

    “The Twelve Days of Christmas with Nokia C7”

  108. Lhan :

    malapit na! hope i could win!

  109. dhina :

    here is my entry, hope we all win :)

    Merry Christmas!!

  110. anciro :

    sana manalo ang tarsier para maging masaya christmas nya..

  111. Coolbuster :

    I am claiming the prize!

    Good luck everyone! And Merry Christmas!

  112. aj :

    how will we know who wins? ahehehe.. it’s 23rd already. hahaha

  113. Dale :

    Just submitted my post. Great contest Nuff. Silip naman kayo sa entry ko hehe.

  114. donnarence :

    goodluck to all those who joined.. 😀

  115. krizzle :

    haist..i have a feeling na d aq mnanalo.hmp

  116. Eduardo G. :

    here’s my entry if we are to post em’ here:

    i hope i can get to be one of the finalists or so..?

  117. ceejay :

    i’ve submitted my entry kanina. :) surprising, ang daming entries… I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope for the best. :)

  118. VinVin :

    Dear Santa,

    What I want for Christmas is a brand new frosty metal Nokia C7. (^_^)

    Thanks, Santa. (^_^)


  119. Jonnie Aristorenas Anzures :

    Hello NuffNang! Try ko lang uli. Baka sakali powhz. I’m keeping my fingers and eyes crossed. Hetowh powh siya —

  120. Jonnie Aristorenas Anzures :

    Kung may problem sa blogger / blogspot, puwede rin dito sa WordPress ko —

  121. Jeff :

    Merry Christmas!

  122. Yashiro :

    Habol pa bago matapos ang deadline.

  123. Bluecloud (Jericho) :

    hahaha. pahabol. =) sana manalo. =)

  124. Will24 :

    This is a cool contest. My english is not that good but I joined anyway. I hope its good enough. Merry Christmas to all!

  125. jepoy :

    bah, humbug.

  126. Jhiegzh :

    Few minutes before the deadline: PAHABOL….

    May the best writer wins! Merry Christmas to everyone!

  127. MyMaria :

    I posted my entry tonight and submitted via the online form. Didn’t get any confirmation so I’m posting my blog entry here hoping that it’s still counted. Hope you like it!

    Merry Christmas Nuffies!!!

  128. Lhan :

    23 na nuffnang. who is the lucky one?

  129. Will24 :

    I hope my entry made it.

  130. Ron :

    congrats to the lucky winners…:)

  131. Prosti :

    Posted mine last night and submitted via the onbline form too but still I haven’t got any confirmation email.

  132. hani :

    hi, who is the lucky winner? :)



  134. Rox :

    Here is my entry… 25 na ata, sino na panalo? hehehe!

  135. Bluecloud (Jericho) :

    I posted mine last December 23 but could not see it in the comments list. I got a confirmation when i inputted the details on the form above but no email confirmation.

  136. RmR :

    did anybody here won the Nokia C7? congrats to you…

  137. negosyopilipinas :

    i won

    merry christmas to all

    oooppss its not aprils fool day yet :)

    congrats sa winner


    negosyo pilipinas

  138. Alvin Domanais :

    Asan na po yung nanalo? Ako din walang natanggap na confirmation msg e. Eto yung link ng akin.

  139. Jose :

    Nagcomment ako nung 23rd of December and its says awaiting for confirmation? ANd now I when I check, di nag appear? Actually, ang content ng comment ko is the link of my post! kasi ang nilagay ko sa permalink is my blog url not the post url..I doubt! :(

  140. Jose :

    Awaiting for moderation*…not confirmation!….Haaizt! May the best writer wins!

  141. divine :

    nuff friends, who won the contest?
    do we really need to receive an email confirmation about our entry? i haven’t receive any.

    well, goodluck to everyone…. we still have our chance :-)

  142. VinVin :

    I think once you submit your link via the form above a notification will appear in replace of that form saying that “this already serves as your confirmation…blah…blah….”

    So, I believe there’s no need to wait for an email confirmation anymore.


  143. Lhan :

    oo wla ng confirmation yun lang angsasbihin yun yung confirmation…

  144. Chopsuey Rice :

    Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue… Ang tagaaaalllll!Hahaha Tagal ng Christmas wish ko.

  145. kotsengkuba :

    wag mainip. good things come to those who wait :)

  146. quimboph1 :

    padaan lang po goodluck sa manalo..

  147. Gloryrose Dy :

    sinong nanalo..nag submit kami..hehe..sana kami manalo…weee!! pls sana kami..

  148. Will24 :

    Tagal naman ng announcement ng winner…

  149. Site Admin :

    Hi Nuffnangers,

    We are currently reading ALL the entries and will submit to Nokia for final judging! We’ll post the winners as soon as NOKIA picks a winner! With all the great entries we’ve received I’m sure NOKIA is having a hard time just picking ONE winner!

    We are sorry for the delay, but because of the holidays we only might be able to release the results after the break! I hope you guys understand!

    The Nuffnang Team

  150. RmR :

    ONE winner… congrats to you lucky ONE!
    no problem with the delay… i have patience, lots of it being used in stock investing. LOL!
    i can use that patience here.


  151. KUMAGCOW :

    Imagine those hundreds of entries vying for 1 C7 phone heheh… sana mag decide ang Nokia to give away hundreds of phones din LOL…. yan ang wish LOL

    The Nuffie admin is right, give them their holidays naman they have worked so hard this 2010… lalo na siguro next year mas madaming contests pa! =)

  152. Emmanuel :

    Oh! I’m too late for this.. Lolz!

  153. Lhan :

    generous naman ang smart.. of all the entries na nakita nila maiisip nila yung mga pagod natin.. sana at least ten naman ang ipamigay nila or better lahat nalng sana manalo ^^.

  154. Gloryrose Dy :

    oo nga..sana atleast ten and sana kasi tayong lahat..hehehe.. ganda ng mga gawa ninyo.. like us..hehe..

  155. Jose :

    Hello Nuffnang….

    Nagcomment ako sa url ng post before kasi ung link na nilagay ko sa permalink is link ng blog ko at hindi ung link ng post ko! I submitted last 23 of December and until now di na publish ung comment na nilagay ko dito! I commented 3 times na! Kasi when magcocomment ako d2, it says Waiting for Moderation? What does it mean? Hmmm…God Bless and Happy Holidays! ^^

  156. Jose :

    Eto nga pla ang entry link ko na supposedly the content of my comment last 23rd of December ^^ n ndi na publish d2 kasi it says Waiting for Moderation! ^^

  157. Jose :

    At ako’y nagkamali…Nasa taas na pla..Sorry Nuffnang for the inconvenience! ^^….May the best writer wins!

  158. Will24 :

    Sana kahit na consolation prize man lang sa top picks…

  159. UtamaOptometrist :

    I want NOKIA C7 too!!!

  160. Ardiboi :

    here’s mine.. matagal na siya na post at nasubmit pero ngaun ko lang nalagay dito, hehe.. enjoy reading!

    NOTE: may C7 na ang ang friend ko, maganda nga ang phone.. huhuhu nainggit ako..

  161. Kim :

    Who won?

  162. claum :

    happy new year! good luck to everyone..

  163. Martine :

    I submitted my entry on Dec 19, through the form on this site. I never received a confirmation email, so I’m wondering if the entry was ever counted. Is there any way to tell if my entry got in?

  164. Lhan :

    still waiting… ^^

  165. Lhan :

    bakit parang walang ganong activities ang nuffnang? hmmm….

  166. Will24 :

    The long holiday is over but still no announcement as to who won the contest? What’s going on? Its time to end the suspense…

  167. nursingmania :

    ah 2011 na..may winner na? its been a year now :joke!:)

  168. Kim :

    Wala pa ding nanalo?

  169. nursingmania :

    All of us sana will be given Nokia C7 jejejej :) What a nice start for 2011.

  170. Lhan :

    sana nga. galante naman ang nokia t ang nuffnang eh, pmasko salahat ng bloggers !

  171. rochelle :

    Kelan kaya iaannounce ang winner? Sana may consolation prizes.

  172. Nonoy :

    OO nga; wala pa ring nanalo? baka panalo tayung lahat; sana bigyan tayong lahat ng gift; kahit indi c7 basta Nokia na may magandang camera. hehe Happy New Year Nokia and Nuffnang and to all Philippine bloggers! 😉

  173. Nonoy :

    Siyanga pala; etu nga pala ang entry ko; baka kasi naka-ligtaan; hehe :

  174. Jose :

    May the best writer wins! ^^ Happy NEw Year to all!

  175. Will24 :

    Bakit wala pa ring winner Nuffnang?

  176. Yashiro :

    matinding suspense eto ah…..

  177. Will24 :

    Wala yatang nanalo guys… hehe! Nuffnang any updates regarding this contest? We can hardly wait for the announcement of the winner… Thanks…

  178. nursingmania :

    ehem.. knock! knock!

  179. Will24 :

    It doesnt matter who won this contest as long as there is a winner, so as to dispel any idea that this contest was elligitimate and was just therefore created to generate traffic and profit like some bloggers do… I hope thats not the case here, and I hope Nuffnang Philippines will uphold its integrity and will not post any contest thats fake and earn for itself a bad reputation consequently.

  180. aj :

    any news with this contest?

  181. doms :

    Dahil nadelay ang results, sana damihan ang prizes. Hehehe!!!

  182. nursingmania :

    helllooo!!! we just want to know who is the lucky blogger for this contest.

  183. aj :

    wala pa rin?

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