Tommy Hilfiger’s LOUD Contest

Hey, Nuffnangers!

This February, we’re not only going to cheer for LOVE but also to the concept of getting LOUD, as Tommy Hilfiger Philippines will be giving away a pair of 7 ml Loud For Him and Loud For Her fragrances to the first 30 valid Nuffnangers who are loud enough to be heard.

How to join:

1.  Open to all Nuffnangers who have at least one (1) valid ad unit.

2. Write a blog entry about whatever it is that makes you LOUD. It could be your unique fashion statements, your heart-warming sense of humor, or your faith that gives you hope everyday. It could even be a story about how you first loved and lost but survived and gotten tougher. Anything goes!

3.  Attach the LOUD by Tommy Hilfiger badge (provided below) at the end of your blog entry. (You may copy image and link URL for the badge)

4. Fill up the form to let us know you joined. (form removed)

5.  After submitting your entry, just wait and watch out for our LOUD list of winners, which will also be posted in this blog entry later on, together with the claiming period details.

So what are you waiting for? GET LOUD!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Nuffnangers, and congratulations to the following winners of our Loud contest!


  • Claiming period starts tomorrow, February 15 (Tuesday), until February 28 (Monday).
  • You may claim your giveaways at the Nuffnang Philippines office, located at Unit 2E03-2E05 Building 5, 925 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Office hours is from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays only. Please look for either Ms. Denise or Ms. Trixie.
  • For proxies and authorized representatives (should you not be able to claim the gift certificates in person), please have them bring a signed authorization letter with a photocopy of your (blogger’s) valid ID and his/her (representative’s) valid ID.

The Nuffnang Team

Disclaimer: This contest is open to Manila residents only. Winners are to claim their prizes at the Nuffnang Philippines office, located at Unit 2E03-2E05 Building 5, 925 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Office hours is from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays only.

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Nuffnang Community Team
  1. yodz :

    I better start writing… woohoooo!!!

  2. jared's mum :

    only for manila residents?what if i’m bulacan and is willing to claim my prize if ever i win?thanks:)

  3. jared's mum :

    * from bulacan *

  4. ria :

    Im so excited to join! :)

  5. Wella :

    Oopps. Too bad I don’t reside in Manila. But good luck anyway to everyone who’d be joining.:|

  6. rdnofera :

    my entry…

    tnx! :)

  7. Nuffie Denise :

    @Jared’s Mum: That’s okay, as long as you can claim the prize from our office. Cheers! :)

  8. Karen :

    Entry is up now! Thanks, Mmy Vix for the info. I managed to sneak after the big news today.

  9. doms :

    Also submitted my entry. :)

  10. elysplanet :

    Count me in! :)

  11. Kathleen :

    Here’s my blog entry:

    Let’s get LOUD –

    I hope I win ^_^

  12. Joanna :

    I have an entry already!

  13. MyMaria :

    Awww.. Manila residents only. :( Sayang!

  14. supermommyjem :

    I already joined. I hope I can win :)

  15. Justine :

    Here’s mine:


  16. montsch :

    yay! I’ve just submitted my entry!

  17. Flisha :

    Me too! Just joined. :)

  18. montsch :

    is my link to my blogpost necessary to this comment?

    here it is anyways.

  19. doms :

    Submitted my entry too. :)

  20. Kaye Catral :


    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! :)

  21. supermommyjem :

    oopps.. sharing also my entry for the contest

  22. divine :

    done with my entry…hope to win!

  23. aylin :

    Here’s my entry:

    GoodLuck to all of us :)

  24. ria :

    Here’s mine! :)

  25. divine :

    i have a little problem, when submitting an entry in the form, should I see a confirmation message? I submitted but can’t see a confirmation message…:-( i wonder if my entry is valid.

  26. aeirin :

    I didn’t see any confirmation. So I submit my entry again…

    Anyway, here’s my entry

  27. jared's mum :

    @nuffie denise – thanks for the response, i would’ve given up…sent my entry^^
    goodluck to everyone…

  28. melandriaromero :

    done submitting my entry. Hope i get included in your short list. thanks

  29. purpleplumfairy :

    done with my entry. I hope I’m included. thanks.

  30. jared's mum :

    @mommy k, no worries!glad you made it!goodluck^^

  31. emiliana :

    here is my entry

  32. ma.christina ladao :

    hope to make it. here’s my post:

  33. dhynnes :

    wohooooo… i hope I can make it too!! good luck to all of us…

  34. ma.christina ladao :

    hi nuffnang, i wasn’t sure if my entry got in. I got internet trouble :(

  35. Nuffie Denise :

    @Divine: After submitting your details, this message will appear in place of the form as your confirmation:

    “Thanks for joining! This serves as your official confirmation.

    The Nuffnang Team”

  36. wena :

    I joined here’s my entry, hope to be included in the first 30 valid entries.

  37. emiliana :

    Hello Nuffnang,

    Resending my entry here –

  38. Stonibert Lim :

    Hi this is my entry

    Good luck to all

  39. My Regency :

    Just submitted my entry. I’m not sure if I’m in for the first 30. Anyway, good luck for all bloggers who joined this contest.

  40. My Regency :

    Here’s my post, What Makes Me Loud. Thanks, Nuffnang!

  41. Jane :

    Here’s my entry!

    Thanks for this, Nuffnang! :-)

  42. jheng :

    here’s my entry

  43. fpj jr :

    here is my entry!
    already submitted but just to be sure…

  44. cornelio mallare jr. :

    Thank you, Nuffnang for a chance to win Tommy Hilfiger!

  45. ron not the dj :

    here’s mine

    Good thing that The Ting Tings did the tune for Tommy Hilfiger LOud TVC

    and hoping that I’m included in the 1st 30 nuffnangers :)

  46. kasai :

    Im joining too :) hoping makahabol p

  47. Josephine Bonsol :

    crossing fingers…

  48. jheng :

    here’s my entry :

  49. Camile Flores :

    sent :)

  50. reyna :

    Echoserang Queen is here and submitting her entry! Yey! Thanks Nuffnang! ^_^

  51. drix :

    here’s my entry

    Thanks Nuffnang!

  52. Edil :

    Crossing fingers.. Just submitted mine! :)

  53. yodz :

    Hope nakahabol sa top 50…
    Here’s Loud Entry:

  54. Bazics Newsfeeds :

    Here is my entry for this “Get Loud with Tommy Hilfiger”.

  55. Lhan :

    got an entry,… sana nakahabol pa ko ^^

  56. mhay19 :

    >> got my entry!

    >> sana nakahabol ako!
    >> wish to win! hihi..

  57. - Justin - :

    my second try.. didn’t won the first time.. Hope I could win this one now,,

    my entry:

  58. edsie :

    joined the contest.. i hope i’m included in the top 30. :)

  59. Maris :

  60. Mommy Dharlz :

    pwede pa kaya? just submitted entry now..

  61. K :

    I’ve already submitted my entry. But since everyone’s posting here, too –guess it wouldn’t hurt to do the same. 😛

  62. Mangyan Blogger :

    Sana nakahabol…


  63. Dei :

    entry submitted.
    many thanks for the oppotunity nuffnang.

  64. Green Dei :

  65. Jhiegzh :

    For Manila bloggers lang pla…ANyways, its okay! May the best writer wins!

  66. Maanne dela Cruz :

    entry submitted! yey! hehe!

  67. Juan Manila :

    Entry submitted! Hope I was able to catch up! Good luck guys! 😀

  68. Jomar Lipon :

    Here’s my entry. Read and don’t forget to leave a comment.

  69. Juan Manila :

    My entry btw…

  70. elmo37 :

    hope to win for my girl.

  71. jayson biadog :


  72. Shekinah :

    Good luck and God Bless! :>

  73. Pj :

    Done with my Entry!

    Here it is.

  74. gelovsky :

    I just made my entry yesterday. I hope it’s not yet too late ^_^

  75. Pretsel Maker :

    Need to start now!!!!!

  76. SYDMAN :


  77. nursingmania :

    Do you have other contest for outside Manila residents?..its worldwide tho..

  78. Miss `C :

    Scribbled my loud story!

    :) *cross fingers*

  79. Ruth :

    I hope I still made it to the first 30.

    I was losing hope for that EverReady campaign, but I made it! :)

  80. vivien :

    I hoped I could win.. :)

  81. ma.christina ladao :

    Yessss! Happy Valentines to All!

  82. KUMAGCOW :

    PANALO! hahahahaha =) Nuffnang ROCKS!

  83. Karen :

    Thanks Nuffnang!

  84. jared's mum :

    muchas gracias nuffnang!!

  85. gelovsky :

    Wow! thanks to Tommy Hilfiger for choosing me as of one of the winners. Thanks a lot!!! Let’s get —-LOUD ^_^

  86. kath :

    yehey!! thank you!! ^_^

  87. Elvira's Roundabout :

    Wow! I won! Thanks to Tommy Hilfiger and NUffnang! I hope I’ll get my prize.

  88. supermommyjem :

    Thanks Nuffnang I also won :)

  89. melardenio :

    Thanks nuffnang!!! more contest please..

  90. wena :

    I won! yay! Thanks Nuffnang!!!

  91. montsch :

    thanks nuffnang!

  92. aylin :

    Thanks Nuffnang!

    Got my Tommy Hilfigers LOUD!

  93. doms :

    Claimed my Tommy Hilfigers LOUD prize last night.

    Thanks Nuffnang! And to Ms. Vina for assisting me. :)

  94. KUMAGCOW :

    GOt mine in the nick of time LOL awesome nuffy!

  95. wena :

    I haven’t claimed my prize yet. been busy coz my son got sick. Nuffies, pwede po ba humingi ng extension?

  96. ma.christina ladao :

    hi nuffnang, me too I wasn’t able to get my prize :(
    I was there last Saturday, I forgot wala pala kayo office pag Sat..
    Like Wena, Hingi din ako extension please please please…

  97. Thess :

    Hi nuffnang, just like wena and ma. christina. I wasn’t able to get my prize. can we still claim? please po!

  98. Nuffie Denise :

    Hi guys! Due to insistent public demand, Nuffnang will be extending the claiming period of your Loud samples until Friday, March 11.


  99. dhina lieva :

    Hi Nuffnang,
    I did not see this post, I just went back today.
    May I ask if I can still claim the Loud samples? Please Please Please….
    Thank you!

  100. Euro Football Championship :

    Warren Buffett: “The only time to buy these is on a day with no ‘y’ in it.”

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