NAPBAS Blog Contest Winners!

So, we know that the attendance to the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards is by invitation only, and that Nuffnang has reserved 500 places for both local and foreign bloggers from the Asia-Pacific region for this prestigious celebration.

We also know that most of you are dying to come with us to Malaysia to witness this exclusive event, that’s why we gave you a chance to win an invite to the Blog Awards simply by participating in our NAPBAS Blog Contest.

To join, you had to submit a blog post titled “My Nuffnang Story”, about your journey and experiences with Nuffnang, or a blog post titled “Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come”, about your top 3 reasons why you want to attend the NAPBAS 2011.

In case you forgot, a winning entry will entitle you to:

  • One invite to the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011
  • A 3D 2N stay at Putrajaya Marriott, with breakfast included
  • A semi-guided itinerary around destinations in Kuala Lumpur
  • One invite to an exclusive Blog Awards after-party at a secret location in Kuala Lumpur
  • The Invite does not include flight ticket to Malaysia

You see the last part? The invite does not include airfare. Well, here at Nuffnang, we cherish all our experiences with our community, so much so that we were extremely touched when you shared the many, wonderful memories you’ve had with us. We wanted to make this NAPBAS experience extra memorable for our winner, so…


And because we were overwhelmed with joy with your submissions, we’re giving away additional exclusive invites to the 4 runner ups! Competition was THAT close!

And so, for the runner ups…

Ms. Kring Elenzano –

“For me, the best things about being a blogger are not the freebies, the hits, being invited to exclusive events or even the money that you could earn from it. It’s the comments, the heart warming messages from the readers and viewers, the idea that you could be a positive influence and perhaps even a catalyst for change… It’s just so humbling and inspiring. ♥”

Ms. Noemi Dado –

“Most importantly, Nuffnang raised the bar on the value of bloggers. More and more companies are advertising in our blogs. You can see how digital media has been revolutionizing the media sector.”

“It is not all ads in Nuffnang. We have lots of fun and we meet new friends here and abroad. There are the movie dates, the picnics and the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards. It was fun meeting other bloggers within the Asia Pacific region.”

Ms. Hannah Villasis –        

“I asked them how I could get that widget that would able me to earn money and they were like – sorry lah, it’s only available here for Malaysian bloggers. Then I was very sad leh, how come I can’t have one… After only a few months, I heard a buzz about Nuffnang coming in the Philippines.  I’m not sure how I knew about this but I got so excited and I blogged about it! Not a lot of bloggers knew what Nuffnang is at that time and since I have been a fan of their fun community in Malaysia, I gladly helped spread the word!”

Ms. Jane Chua –

“The online community more and more forms like a strong connected family.  From the outpouring of love and appreciation that Nuffnang often receives from countless bloggers, Nuffnang has truly made the blogosphere a much happier place.  Bloggers of various writing shapes and sizes have good-naturedly fit like a jigsaw puzzle on the lookout for each other’s best interests.”


Ms. Kessa Peralta –

“I am fervently wishing that Nuffnang will grant me the opportunity to commune with bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region. I hope that this event will be added to my treasure trove of memories. Nuffnang, please make it happen for me?”

WE’RE MAKING IT HAPPEN, KESSA! We’re so happy that you’re very active in our community, and that you really make it an effort to participate! We hope that you enjoy this upcoming NAPBAS experience with us in Malaysia!


To the winners, our Community Manager, Ms. Thei Palijo will contact you regarding the arrangements to be made for NAPBAS.



Eason Deguzman
Nuffnang Community Team



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