Country Manager’s Dinner 2013

Happy Holidays Nuffnangers!

Last December 17, 2013 Nuffnang held our annual Country Manager’s Dinner at Rockwell. This event was an intimate gathering with all of the Nuffnang Talents in order to celebrate the year long success that the company has had with it’s top bloggers.


The night started out with the Nuffies awaiting the arrival of our treasured Talent bloggers. Upon registering, the bloggers we’re warmly greeted and showed to their respective tables.


Welcome to 2013 Country Manager’s Dinner



As soon as all the bloggers got settled in their seats, Nuffnang’s Country Manager, Abe Olandres, gave his opening speech and toast to thanks all the talents for contributing to the success of Nuffnang for 2013!



Shortly after, Nuffnang’s Talent and Community Manager Thei Palijo gave a brief presentation on how the Talent Department and Community work hand-in-hand with the talent bloggers in order to give the best campaigns fit for their respective blogs.

IMG_1829 - Copy

Thei giving an informative talk


Christine Dychiao giving her full attention during the presentation


All eyes on the screen

Right after Thei, we had our Sales Head, Grace Montefalcon, explain how the Sales Department work day-in and day-out to get the best deals for campaigns, sponsored posts, and events all for our bloggers. The pursuit, at the end of the day, is a worthwhile battle for the company and bloggers.


It’s Grace’s turn next with the mic!


Grace keeping the bloggers engaged

Now the event wasn’t full of informative presentations. We also had tons of fun! And the best way we know how to have fun is by handing out awards and hosting some games! A  total of 5 awards were handed out this night! The first award the Best in Sponsored Posts. This went Rowena Lei of! She had a total of 31 sponsored posts this entire year! The Congeniality Award to Googly Gooeys for being charming and ever-sweet to Nuffnang and their fellow bloggers. The Rookie Blogger of the Year went to the fun-loving trio, The Soshal Network! The Nuffie Loyalty Award is given to the blogger who has been with Nuffnang since the very beginning. This award was presented to Jehz Lau of The last award was the Social Recognition Award for the blogger who has been active on social media an keeping themselves socially responsible. This was given to none other than Chuckie Dreyfus!


Our winners of the night!

The game we had was a simple question and answer segment. This was just some quick fun to test how well our talents knew Nuffnang. We had some very funny questions, and even funnier answers from our beloved bloggers! Some examples of these questions were “when did Abe start…to shave his head?” (Answer: August 2012), “if 1+1 = 2, who was our first signed talent?” (Answer: Jehz Lau), “what was the Nuffnang pose of 2013?”


Camille of The Soshal Network giving her answer


The Nuffnang 2013 Pose


Some very exciting bloggers ready to answer!

By the end of the night, both Nuffies and talents were just grateful to have helped each other out for a collective success! 2013 was an amazing year! Here’s to hoping 2014 will be just as rewarding!


Happy Holidays from Nuffnang!


Nuffie Mauro
Twitter/IG: maurodaez

Eason Deguzman
Nuffnang Community Team

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