#MerrySMChristmas Blog Contest

HO! HO! HO! Merry… Morning, Nuffnangers!

I know we’re all excited for December’s culmination, and SM Supermalls is with us in celebrating what might be the merriest day of our year 2014.

Let’s make your Christmas worth the wait by joining the #MerrySMChristmas Blog Contest! Here are the mechanics:

  1. This blog contest is open to all male and female Nuffnang-registered bloggers.
  2. Write a blog entry answering this question, “What does #MerrySMChristmas mean to you?” The more heartfelt and creative your answer is, the better!
  3. Towards the end of your blog entry:
  4. For your title, keep it as creative as possible but make sure to include #MerrySMChristmas.
  5. After publishing your blog post, please fill out the gravity form below


Three (3) three winners will win PHP 5,000 shopping GCs, and will be determined based on a panel of judges from SM Supermalls, and will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Creativity – 40%
  • Relevance – 30%
  • Appeal – 30%

So wrap up those excitements, e-write those thoughts and share what Christmas is all about!

Contest runs from November 18 to December 17, 2014.


À la vôtre!
Nuffie Jamon
IG: @jamesjasonmartin

Jamon Martin
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Michael :

    Good luck everyone and #MerrySMChristmas to you.

  2. Meikah Ybanez-Delid :

    I joined, weee! 😀

  3. Rieze :

    Here’s my blog entry

  4. Neri Ann :

    Have a Meaningful #MerrySmChristmas to all of you!

    Hoping to win for my twins!

  5. tinapay :

    #MerrySMChristmas everyone. God bless your giving heart.

  6. Rachiel :

    Maligayang Pasko! Sana manalo tayo 🙂

  7. joice :

    hope to win join.

  8. Jaear Paguio :

    Here’s my entry. A true gift that keeps on giving. ^_^ Merry Christmas to everyone in Nuffnang Ph!

  9. Hann :

    Have a #MerrySMChristmas everyone! 🙂

  10. veta :

    wishing you all a #MerrySMChristmas!

  11. Blanche Carpio :

    Soooo excited! ♡ #MerrySMChristmas!

  12. Nestie Bryal C. Villaviray :

    The Magic of #MerrySMChristmas: Faith, Love and Hope!

    Merry Christmas NUffnang! 😀

  13. Sheng Esquillo :

    Hihihi. Sent my entry last Nov. 26 pa. So happy! #MerrySMChristmas ! 🙂

  14. Ramel Briones :

    Here is the link of my entry for the contest : )

    #MerrySMChristmas everyone

  15. Aleigna Lin :

    Here’s the link to my blogpost:

    Have yourself a #MerrySMChristmas!

  16. The Promdi Boy Adventures :

    Here’s the link of my blogpost posted last December 16 🙂

    Merry SM Christmas everyone! 🙂

  17. Michael :

    Mukhang marami ang sumali ah. Excited na ako.

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