Blogopolis 4D: Dimensions of Blogosphere

Last February 27, 2016, Nuffnang Philippines hosted the biggest blog and social media conference, Blogopolis 4D. Blogopolis has been a yearly tradition by Nuffnang Philippines as an effort to gather the country’s top bloggers, best social media influencers, and finest digital experts to share their knowledge and insights about the blogosphere. As the fourth instalment, Blogopolis 4D focused on the four dimensions of blogosphere – Dialogue, Diversity, Device, and Direction.

Dialogue talked about the evolution of blog contents and how advertisers utilize these contents to amplify their marketing efforts. Diversity aimed to educate the community on how to promote themselves in the blogosphere. It gave emphasis on the learnings about how to make yourself and your blog stand out.  Device tackled ways on how to maximize the digital space for furthering our blogs. It also answered the question: “With the advancement of technology, how are bloggers, brands and social media campaigns able to “break the Internet”?”. Direction gave an overview of what’s next for social media and blogging. Direction also answered questions about the digital trends in the Philippines.


It was only ten in the morning when conference attendees started filling up Green Sun Hotel’s lobby. Excited faces peeking through the closed glass doors of Axon Hall, trying to confine their excitement as they fell in line. Composed and calm, the attendees patiently waited for the registration to start. An hour later, their faces lit up when the doors of Axon Hall finally opened.


Attendees were handed out goody bags from Leslie’s upon registration


While waiting for the conference to get started, the attendees were welcomed by the booths of Blogopolis 4D’s participating partners. Some were eagerly took photos of the booths and their mandatory Blogopolis OOTDs, some quietly checked out the displays and the others chose to just settle in their seats.


The attendees had the chance to try Apple gadgets at the Power Mac Center booth


SM Supermalls giving away free popcorn to all their booth-goers. Yay!


Mac Power gave away some of their latest and newest gadgets to all who participated their in-booth raffle. Congrats to all the winners!


As for the travel enthusiast, and Flight 001 are essentials.


Some fashion displays by Aeropostale and Zalora


Monthly memberships were given out by Curves Philippines!

At around 1’o clock on a sunny Saturday afternoon, the conference started. With Sam Y.G, as the opening host, added  anticipation and excitement to the eyes and ears of everyone.

DSCF4373 DSCF4374DSCF4364

Full-house! Yay!

The conference kicked-off with the first dimension, Dialogue. Jonathan Yabut, a multi-awarded marketer, started the talk. He tackled the story telling through brand partnerships. He gave an overview on how bloggers and advertisers collaborate on making an online or digital campaign. The second speaker for Dialogue was Richie Zamora of In his talk, he pointed out the importance of the right gadgets in making a good content.

ARNE_DSC1984_ DSCF4385DSCF4408DSCF4395

The talks were followed by a panel discussion with the two speakers and the country’s top bloggers – Laureen Uy, Camille Co and David Guison. The panel discussion was a Q&A portion where conference attendees were free to ask questions for the speakers and panelists to answer.

DSCF4417ARNE_DSC2032_ DSCF4410 DSCF4427

(From L-R: David Guison, Jonathan Yabut, Richie Zamora, Nuffnang Ph COO Grace Montefalcon, Laureen Uy, Camille Co and Sam Y.G)

The second dimension was Diversity. The speakers were introduced by Sam Y.G who now joined by Sam Oh.


The first Diversity speaker was RJ Ledesma of Mercato Centrale. He gave tips on how to market and standout in the world of social media. Next to RJ was Valerie Lim, a beauty queen blogger from Singapore, who shared her experience of being a beauty queen through blogging and how she transformed as a blogger through the years. The last speakers for this dimension was a real-life couple Tippy and Pong Go of They shared their own ways on how they manage to standout as artists and bloggers.


The speakers were joined by panelists, social media influencers and top bloggers, Jim ParedesAJ Dee and the ladies of The Soshal Network.

DSCF4473 DSCF4477DSCF4466

(Seated from L-R: RJ Ledesma, Valerie Lim, Tippy Go, Pong Go, AJ Dee, Camille Buhain of  TSN, Vivian Tan of  TSN, Faye Condez of  TSN, and Jim Paredes)


Brand talk by Yilinker’s COO Nielson Liao

Talks from Peach Natividad, the Digital Strategy Director for McCANN Worldgroup and Ramon Bautista, an internet action star,  spiced up the third dimension, Device. With Peach’s knowledge on both digital and advertising world, she educated everyone on how to become viral and sustaining. Ramon Bautista gave some words of wisdom (through his hugot lines) to the aspiring internet action stars and social media influencers.


Director-Musician RA Rivera, Radio and TV personality Jojo The Love Survivor,  and Preview Magazine’s Maura Rodriguez joined the Speakers, Peach Natividad and Ramon Bautista on stage for the panel discussion.

ARNE_DSC2856_ ARNE_DSC8282_DSCF4499edit

(From L-R: Jojo Love Survivor, RA Rivera, Maura Rodriguez, Peach Natividad and Ramon Bautista)

Before pushing through the last dimension, Blogopolis 4D was graced by Hon. Leni Robredo. She talked about the social responsibility of the bloggers/writers, and social media influencers and practitioners. She also challenged the blogosphere community to use their power to deliver information and ideas to help enhance social awareness and action.


The last dimension was Direction. The talk started with Abe Olandres of and Nuffnang Philippines’ Country Manager. Abe talked about on to stay substantial, sustaining and relevant in the blogosphere. He shared his insights on what’s next in the blogging world. Next to him was BBDO’s Head of Innovations,  Anna Bigornia. With her expertise in revolutionizing the approach in doing business and enhancing experiences of products and services, she shared her knowledge on where we are now in the digital arena and where we are going. After her talk, iFlix’s Country Manager, Sherwin Dela Cruz shared his insights on OTT (Over-the-top) media and what’s on demand for the consumers or users.


The panelists in this dimension were Isabelle Laureta, a Buzzfeed Philippines contributor, Eason De Guzman, PR Head of ASUS Philippines, and Anton Ojeda, Country Manager of Zomato Philippines.


(From L-R: Sherwin Dela Cruz, Anna Bigornia, and Abe Olandres)


(From L-R: Isabelle Laureta, Anton Ojeda, and Eason De Guzman)

The conference ended at 8’o clock in the evening, a little late than expected. It was a Saturday spent well for all of us. A day full of digital and social learnings. Blogopolis is indeed a gathering of the Philippine blogosphere community.


Seeing the show slowly closing, I knew in that moment that it was a success. It felt like I was watching a good film and the end credits is slowly scrolling up – black background, names of the artists in text, heart touching music cues in – that feeling you want to hit pause and rewind.  It wasn’t an easy ride putting up Blogopolis and wanting to slay it in the end. It was a tough fight and a rough journey from the very start, but everything was worth it. The moment I saw the faces full of excitement and delight, I knew that all the hardship were worth it.

We all hope that everyone who attended learned a lot from our speakers and panelists who were very generous in sharing with us their knowledge, tips and insights on the world of blogging and social media. We hope, through Blogopolis, we sparked up the inner blogger in you, inspire you to continue blogging and writing, and pushed you to step up in this crazy but fun digital world.

It’s been weeks now, but we are still in hype of what Blogopolis 4D turned out and that’s all because of you and your support. A big thanks to all of you who attended and participated in this year’s Blogopolis and we are so much more excited for the next year(s). *virtual group hug* See y’all again soon! 🙂

Blogopolis 4D would like to thank the following:

Power Mac Center

SM Supermalls
Flight 001
Leslie’s Corporation
Marks & Spencer
Curves Philippines
Inglot Cosmetics

CNN Philippines
adobo Magazine
Light Network
Purveyr Magazine
Scout Magazine

Nuffie J
Instagram: @jyaaaap

Joanna Yap
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Rachiel :

    I am so glad that I won tickets for this event. It gave me a whole new perspective about blogging.

    Hope to be a part of this next year! 🙂

  2. Joanna Yap :

    We’re glad to know that you enjoyed it! See you next year! 😉

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