Make your bonding moments with your kid worry-free with OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion! 



1. The contest is open to all Nuffnangers (Nuffnang-registered bloggers).

2. Take a photo of yourself or a photo of you applying repellent lotion on your kids with OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion while doing a hobby or activity together.

3. Write a blog post of how using OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion will make your experience more enjoyable and worry-free from mosquito-borne diseases. Make sure to include the photo in your blog post.

4. Register your blog entry in the form below to let us know you’ve joined the contest!

OFF! Lotion

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

Creativity – 40%
Relevance – 30%
Appeal – 30%


  • Grand prize – Php 25,000 Sodexo GC + 1 OFF! Lotion Gift Pack. Additional 5 OFF! Lotion Gift Packs to be given away to your 5 lucky readers
  • Second prize – Php 15,000 Sodexo GC + 1 OFF! Lotion Gift Pack. Additional 5 OFF! Lotion Gift Packs to be given away to your 5 lucky readers
  • Third prize – Php 10,000 Sodexo GC + 1 OFF! Lotion Gift Pack. Additional 5 OFF! Lotion Gift Packs to be given away to your 5 lucky readers
  • CONSOLATION PRIZE – 32 randomly selected winners to take home OFF! Lotion Gift Pack each

Submission of entries is from December 7 until January 7 JANUARY 21, 2016 (EXTENDED!)

Ren Tupas
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. JC Jane :

    Nice, I’ll join… For the grand prize….

  2. Cris Mari :

    Hi Ren!

    I would like to know if you require blog title for the contest and hashtags? Or none? Thanks.

  3. Ren Tupas :

    Hi Cris Mari! :) No hashtags required.

  4. Lhourdes Mercadero :


  5. Jane Timbol :

    Excited about this!

  6. jesma salas :

    thank you :) I just sent mine :)

  7. signey yambao :

    i also joined the Blog Contest.. waah not so late submission of entry. hehe Happy New year!

  8. jannell cajote :

    Happy New Year! I joined! Thanks!

  9. gracesongbird :

    Hi! I hope my entry went through! Happy New Year!

  10. Louie Denver :

    Hi, Checking if my entry went through thanks and happy weekend

  11. Ren Tupas :

    It did! Thanks for joining. :)

  12. Ren Tupas :

    It did! Thank you for joining, Louie. :)

  13. Lougyn decena :

    joined and I just want to know if my entry went through..thanks

    Hoping to win!

  14. Kath Rivera :

    Hi Ren,

    Submitted my entry :) Thanks!

  15. Cheryl Polican :

    Joined! Hope it went through. Thanks!

  16. Mai Casanguan :

    Posted my entry. =) Happy New Year!

  17. Cris Mari :

    Submitted my entry! ♥

  18. Hana :

    Hi Ren! Just wanted to double-check if my entry got through? Thanks 😉

  19. Worry-Free Family Camping on New Year's Day! | Hey, Miss Adventures! :

    […] is an advertorial created for Nuffnang and Off Lotion. However, our loyalty for this insect repellent lotion dates back to even before we had a child of […]

  20. Pam / Hey, Miss Adventures! :

    Submitted my entry as well!

  21. Jane :

    Oh no I just saw this. Is there an extension Ren?

  22. Maryjade Anne Manzanero :

    I hope you got mine too. Thanks!

  23. Maria Kricell :

    Hi. May I ask if my entry went through? Thanks. Happy New Year.

  24. KT Nielsen :

    I joined as well. :-)

  25. Mary Jane Dionela :

    Submitted my entry, please let me know Ren if you got it.


  26. Jhon Rey :

    Last minute submission :) Hope you received my entry, Thanks! :)

  27. Jhon Rey :

    Hello, just checking if you received my entry, thank you so much! :)

  28. christina austria :

    Pls. Extend this contest.

  29. Madz :

    Hi there! I was wondering since the contest is extended, can I edit what I have submitted as an entry? Thank you very much.

  30. Madz :

    Or make a whole new one with another blog? Thanks

  31. Ma.Lhourdes Mercadero :

    Hi Ren! I just like to ask if my entry went through?
    Thank you!

  32. Ren Tupas :

    Yes, we did! Thanks for joining, Ma. Lourdes :)

  33. Ren Tupas :

    Hi Madz! Yes, you may still edit your submitted blog entry. :) We’ll collate all the entries at the end of the contest.

  34. Ren Tupas :

    Hi, Christina! This contest is extended until January 21. :)

  35. Ren Tupas :

    We did, Jhon Rhey! Thank you for joining. :)

  36. Ren Tupas :

    We got it, Mary Jane! Thank you for joining. :)

  37. Ren Tupas :

    It did! Thank you for joining, Maria Kricell. :)

  38. Ren Tupas :

    We did! Thanks for joining, Maryjade Anne! :)

  39. Ren Tupas :

    Hi Hana! We got your entry. :) Thanks for joining!

  40. Ren Tupas :

    It did! Thank you for joining, Cheryl. :)

  41. Ren Tupas :

    Thank you for joining, Kath! :)

  42. Ren Tupas :

    It did! Thank you for joining, Lougyn. :)

  43. Eliakin :

    newbie here :)but still hoping to win :)

  44. Madz :

    If I’d change the title of my entry,do I need to resubmit? Thanks

  45. Veronica Montilla :

    I already send just now January 18, how will I know if my entry was sent. It was mt first time, to write a blog and participate here. Hoping you’ll like my entry. And honestly I’m not a writer nor a blogger but I have passion to share wherein readers can learn from it, even my English is really not that good compared to others.

  46. Joy :

    Hi Ren! I just submitted my entry and I’m not sure if it went through. Can you confirm if you got it? Thanks! :)

  47. Janinegrace :

    Pano po isusubmit ung photo?

  48. Ren Tupas :

    Hi Janine! You may submit your blog entry on the gravity form :)

  49. Ren Tupas :

    Hi Veronica! Got it. Thank you for joining :)

  50. Katleya Tapales :

    Joined :)

  51. Katleya Tapales :

    Hi Ren, kindly confirm if you received my entry. Thanks

  52. Dolora Lapitan :

    Hi Ren! Just wanna check if you got my entry? Thanks!

  53. Ren Tupas :

    Got your entry! Thank you for joining, Katleya. :)

  54. Ren Tupas :

    Hi Dolora! We got it. :) Thanks for joining!

  55. Lougyn decena :

    Hello po pwede malaman who won in this contest? Thnk you

  56. Lhourdes Mercadero :

    When is the announcement of winners po? It’s already March na po Kase and nav end yung contest January pa?

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