[BLOG CONTEST] OPPO F1s: Summer Destination

What’s your favorite summer destination? Share it with us through a blog post and why you think OPPO F1s should be part of your next summer adventure.

Join OPPO F1s: Summer Destination blog contest!


How to Join?

  • The contest is open to all Nuffnangers (Nuffnang-registered bloggers)
  • Create a blog entry about the blog title of the week: “OPPO F1s: Summer Destination”
  • Entries should be about your dream or favorite Summer Destination.
  • Towards the end of your blog post, include why OPPO F1s should a part of your next summer adventure
  • You may check here for more details about OPPO F1s:
  • This contest runs from February 20, 2017 to February 28, 2017


To Validate your entry:

  • Register your entry in the form below to let us know you’ve joined the contest!

OPPO F1s: Summer Destination

  • Add the analytics code on your blog. The code will be provided by the Nuffnang team.
    • To those who already joined an OPPO F1s Blog contest doesn’t have to request a new code
    • Codes will be sent 2PM – 7PM everyday
  • Share your blog post on your Twitter account with the hashtags #OPPOF1sPH and #OPPOF1S and tag @oppophilippinesand @nuffnangph
  • Share one photo from your blog entry on your Instagram accounts with the hashtags #OPPOF1S and #OPPOF1sPH tag @oppophilippinesand @nuffnangph
Joanna Yap
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Ayeesha :

    What’s the prize in winning this contest?

  2. Hazel :

    I joined again! :)

  3. Lovi Alterado :

    Hi! I already joined and made my entry but I haven’t received the code in my email. Thanks.

  4. Fiel Tiosen :

    I would like to ask if my entry is valid? Because I didn’t receive any code and it has been 4 days already, and I did the Twitter and Instagram too to be sure. Thank you :)

  5. Chiradee May Marquez :

    I have submitted my entry. I hope you received my entry. Have a great weekend!

  6. Tram :

    Submiitted an entry!! I hope u have time to drop by! :)

  7. Gabby Paras :

    Hi! I also have submitted my entry. Kindly confirm. Thank you! :)

  8. Cris :

    Submitted! Let me know if you receive it. Thanks

  9. Ang Makatang Ewan :

    I have submitted my entry. I hope it could be reviewed. Thanks for the challenges.

  10. Joanna Yap :

    Hi Cris! Yes, we received it! Thanks!

  11. Joanna Yap :

    It went through. Thanks!

  12. Joanna Yap :

    Hi! Have you checked your email inbox or spam? Let us know please! :)

  13. Joanna Yap :

    Hi Lovi! Have you checked your spam or email inbox? :)

  14. Joanna Yap :

    Thank you so much Hazel! :)

  15. Joanna Yap :

    OPPO F1s :)

  16. tina perez :

    joined :)

  17. Shienna Marie Reynon :

    Hi Joanna,

    I joined the contest! I hope you received my entry. Have an enchanting day. <3



    Hello! Just joined! May I confirm if you got my entry? Thank you!

  19. Lux Ganzon :

    Please let me know if the tracking code is working. Thank you.

  20. Ria Suing :

    Hi! I just submitted my entry. :) Please let me know if you got it. :)

  21. NIle :

    Hi!!! I’m joining this again… Pls confirm if my entry got in, thanks!!!

  22. Gabriel Rodis :

    Good day! I just submitted my entry. Hope you received it :)

  23. Kat :

    Hi, Joanna! I sent an entry. I hope you received it. Thanks!

  24. Paolo Hernandez :

    hi! i submitted my entry! waiting for the confirmation in my mail. thanks!

  25. Ralin Dayon :

    Hi, did you get my entry last night. I did not receive any email from you. THanks for checking

  26. zoan :

    Hello, I have sent my entry. dko alam kung nkapasok, error message palagi.. ito pala entry ko, just in case :

  27. Fatima :

    Hi I have submitted my entry but I haven’t received any notification. Please let me know if it went through! :)


  28. Roxy :

    Sent an entry. Hope it went through

  29. Sheila Mae Esquillo :

    Hi! I have added the analytics code on my blog. However, I can’t seem to figure out if the code is working. Would you please help me check? Thank you!

  30. jane ladores :

    Hi! I submitted my entry last week but did not receive any code. thanks

  31. Joanna Yap :

    Hi Please check email inbox or spam! Thanks!

  32. Joanna Yap :

    Hi Shiela! Yes, it’s working! Thanks!

  33. Joanna Yap :

    Got it! Thanks!!

  34. Joanna Yap :

    Yes, it went through. Thanks!

  35. Joanna Yap :

    Hi Zoan! It went through! :)

  36. Joanna Yap :

    Hi Ralin! Kindly check email inbox/spam. Thanks!

  37. Joanna Yap :

    Hi Paolo! Kindly check email inbox/spam. Thanks!

  38. Joanna Yap :

    We did! Thanks!

  39. Joanna Yap :

    Hi Gabriel! Kindly check email inbox/spam. Thanks!

  40. Joanna Yap :

    We got it!

  41. Joanna Yap :

    Hi Ria! Kindly check email inbox/spam. Thanks!

  42. Joanna Yap :

    Yes! It’s still working!

  43. Joanna Yap :

    Yes! :)

  44. Joanna Yap :

    Yes!! We got it! :)

  45. Fatima :

    Hi Joanna, i haven’t received any code. I checked my spam mail as well there’s nothing there.


  46. Paolo Hernandez :

    hi joanna! i’m not sure i did it right. i just copied the html line and it shows up as is on my page. did i do it right?

  47. Paolo Hernandez :

    my blog site is asking for a “HTTPS” not HTTP. any idea what this means?

  48. Ria Suing :

    Hi Joanna,

    Thanks I got the code already. How would I know if it’s working though?

    Thank you!

  49. Ang Makatang Ewan :

    When will the result be posted?
    Check my entry please. Lol

  50. Sheila Mae Esquillo :

    Thank you, Joanna! :)

  51. Tipay :

    We joined! 😀

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