Share with us through a blog post how you achieve your #FeedGoals! Include how OPPO F1s can help you do this.

Join the OPPO F1s: #FeedGoals blog contest!


How to Join?

  • The contest is open to all Nuffnangers (Nuffnang-registered bloggers)
  • Create a blog entry about the blog title of the week: “OPPO F1s: #FeedGoals”
  • Entries should be about how you achieve your Instagram feed goals.
  • Towards the end of your blog post, include how OPPO F1s can help you achieve your feed goals.
  • You may check here for more details about OPPO F1s:
  • This contest runs from April 3 to April 12, 2017.

To validate your entry:

  • Register your entry in the form below to let us know you’ve joined the contest!

OPPO F1s: #FeedGoals

  • Add the analytics code to your blog. The code will be provided by the Nuffnang team.
    • Those who already joined an OPPO F1s Blog contest don’t have to request a new code.
    • Codes will be sent from 2PM to 7PM everyday
  •  Share your blog post on your Twitter account with the hashtags #OPPOF1sPH and #OPPOF1S, and tag @oppophilippines and @nuffnangph
  • Share one photo from your blog entry on your Instagram account with the hashtags #OPPOF1S and #OPPOF1sPH, and tag @oppophilippines and @nuffnangph


Sachie Reyes
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Josette Lansang :

    Hi there! I just want to ask if it’ll be possible to use mobile number instead of telephone number? I’ve been trying to input mobile number but the format is for telephone only. Thanks 🙂

  2. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Josette! You can use this format: (915) 123 4567 for your mobile number. 🙂

  3. Josette Lansang :

    Thanks Sachie! 🙂

  4. Ralph Vayson :

    Hi, I would just like to ask if how and where could I get the analytics code? What does that mean? Sorry, It’s my first time joining this nuffnang contests.

    (Add the analytics code to your blog. The code will be provided by the Nuffnang team)

  5. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Ralph! After submitting your entry, someone from the Nuffnang team will send you an e-mail containing your analytics code. 🙂

  6. Jerrelyn Magno :

    Hello there,

    How do I know that I have successfully pasted the code? I have done it already but it seems that nothing has changed in my blogsite.


  7. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Jerrelyn! I have checked your blog site, and can confirm that you’ve done it correctly. 🙂 Thanks for joining our contest and good luck!

  8. Ralph Vayson :

    Yey! Thank you for responding quickly ☺ another question, do I have to place the nuffnang badge on my blog so that you’d authenticate my entry for the contest? or it’s okay if I don’t? ☺

  9. Sachie Reyes :

    Nope! Only the analytics code. 🙂

  10. Raphael Niño Emphasis :


    I already received the email containing the analytics code. I am told that i should place it on the footer on my site but it shows that it is not applicable in my site’s footer. Yet the code can be applicable in my site’s sidebar. Is it okay to place the code in my site’s sidebar?


  11. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Raphael! Yes, this would be okay. 🙂

  12. Raphael Niño Emphasis :

    Thank you for responding and one more question, how do I know that I successfully added the code to my blog. Because it seems nothing changed or something.

    Thank you. 🙂

  13. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Raphael! I checked, and can confirm that you successfully added the code to your site. 🙂 Thanks for joining and good luck!

  14. Herlyn Calabio :

    Hello! Can I ask if my entry has been received? Thank you!

  15. Cris :

    Entry submitted! Pls let me know if you received it. Thank you!
    Good luck to everyone!♥

  16. Claire Baldueza :

    Submitted my entry! 🙂 Just waiting for the analytics code. Good luck to all participants! <3

  17. Nike Ralph Vayson :

    Hi, I’ve already sent my blogpost’s link together with the other information asked. Would I still get an analytics code even if I didn’t submit my link around the given time? (2pm – 7pm) ☺ Goodluck to everyone! ♥

  18. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Herlyn! We’ve received your entry and sent you your analytics code. 🙂 Thanks for joining!

  19. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Cris! We’ve received your entry. Thanks for joining and good luck! 🙂

  20. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Claire! We’ve sent you your analytics code. 🙂

  21. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Nike Ralph! Yes. We’ve already sent you your code 🙂 Thank you for joining and good luck!

  22. Katrina Centeno :

    I sent my entry. I hope it went through.

  23. Nike Ralph :

    Yey got mine!!! Thank you so much, I pasted it on my sidebar for that’s where it works. Goodluck to everyone! ❤✨

  24. Sachie Reyes :

    Thanks for joining, Katrina! We got your entry. 🙂

  25. Sachie Reyes :

    Thanks, Nike Ralph! Good luck! 🙂

  26. Nina Hamili Piao :

    I’ve just submitted my entry Ms. Sachie, thanks:)

  27. Sachie Reyes :

    We got your entry, Nina! Thank you for joining!

  28. Livi Bautista :

    I sent my entry 🙂 just waiting for the analytics. Thanks!

  29. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Livi! I’ve sent you your code already. 🙂 Thanks for joining and good luck!

  30. Emily Santiago :

    Just submitted my entry! <3

  31. Phil E. :

    Entry sent!

  32. signey yambao :

    did you received my entry? w/ the code? :/

  33. Ron Barbaza :

    Already sent my entry yesterday at past 5pm but no analytics code yet on my email. I hope you can send it today asap. Thanks

  34. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Signey! We received your entry and sent you your code via e-mail. Thank you! 🙂

  35. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Ron! We already sent you your code. If it’s not in your inbox, it might be in your spam folder. 🙂 Thanks for joining and good luck!

  36. Ron Barbaza :

    Hi Ms. Sachie. Already got the email and already put that analytics code on the end of my blog. I hope you can confirm it for validation if I done it right. Thanks

  37. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Ron! Kindly place it on your blog site’s footer, and not at the end of your blog post. Thank you!

  38. Ron Barbaza :

    Ms. Sachie, yes I DID NOT put in at the end of my blog post, at the end of my blog’s html. Pls. kindly validate it. Thanks

  39. Sachie Reyes :

    I checked your code and the pixel code doesn’t appear on the main blog site, only on the blog POST. This is why I asked you to place it on your blog SITE’s footer. Kindly double check. 🙂 Thank you very much!

  40. Ron Barbaza :

    Emailed you, I already put it in after the “All Rights Reserved” part of my blog. If there is still some trouble, check my email. Thanks

  41. Ron Barbaza :

    Will send some screenshots too

  42. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi Ron, putting the code under the All Rights Reserved portion of your blog worked. Thanks for joining and good luck! 🙂

  43. Ron Barbaza :

    Good thing it worked, thanks 🙂

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