[BLOG CONTEST] Sodexo x GC Regalo

Happy Tuesday, Nuffnangers!

We want to hear about your fool-proof gift ideas for all occasions! Join the Sodexo x GC Regalo Blog Contest and get a chance to win PhP10,000 worth of Sodexo GCs.

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Here’s how to join:

  1. The contest is open to all Nuffnangers (Nuffnang-registered bloggers).
  2. Write a blog entry with the title, “Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!” and blog about Fool-Proof Gift Giving Ideas for All Occasions.
  3. Your blog post must include personal experiences, testimonials, or perceived advantages of using GC Regalo for giving gifts for all occasions, including Christmas!
  4. Inclusion of other non-GC gift suggestions is welcome.
  5. Mention at least one of the following products on your post (make sure you include the corresponding photo!): 
    1. Sodexo Premium Pass/Sodexo Gift Check/Sodexo Gift Certificate

 PP 500

    1. SM Gift Pass/SM Gift Check/SM Gift Certificate

SMGP 500

  1. Be sure to let your readers know about GC Regalo by using any of the following phrases:
    1. Gift Certificate (or close variant) linked to
    2. Gift Idea (or close variant) linked to
    3. Employee Incentives and Rewards (or close variant) linked to
  2. Share your blog post on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to tag Sodexo’s social media accounts:,
  3. Lastly, register your blog entry in the form below to let us know you’ve joined the contest!

Sodexo x GC Regalo Blog Contest

The Nuffnanger with the best entry will win PhP10,000 worth of Sodexo GCs! We’ll also award the second placer who will receive PhP5,000 worth of GCs, and five winners of consolation prizes worth PhP1,000 each.

Submission period is from August 1 until August 31.

Winners will be announced on September 7! :)

Sachie Reyes
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Yan :

    Can we change the blog post title? :)

  2. Marianne :

    Hi, when we share the post on Facebook, does it have to be on our personal Facebook accounts or can it be from our blog’s Facebook page? Thanks :)

  3. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Marianne! You can use any account as long as the post is set to public. :)

  4. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Yan! Please use the title stated in the mechanics :) Thank you!

  5. Pau Castillo :

    Hi! Do we have to share both on FB and IG? Or can we share the post on Facebook only? Thanks!

  6. Caroline Soriano :

    Hoping! :) Here’s my post:

  7. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi! You have to share it on both FB and IG :)

  8. Sachie Reyes :

    Thanks for joining, Caroline! :)

  9. elenita abad :

    i wishes im the one win here i sharing this to my silbings working its and my 2 little niece….

  10. Hazel :

    I just sent my entry! :)

  11. Sachie Reyes :

    Good luck, Elenita! <3

  12. Sachie Reyes :

    Thanks, Hazel! :)

  13. elenita abad :

    I wish to the one win here…

  14. elenita abad :

    welcome i wishes im the one lucky entry joined here,,,

  15. maryjadeanne :

    I hope you got my entry. Sana eto na talaga to, para sa mga anak ko. Thank you :*

  16. Sachie Reyes :

    We got your entry! Good luck! :)

  17. Cris :

    Entry sent! Hope you received it :) Good luck to everyone! ♥

  18. Kat :

    Submitted my entry! First time to join Nuffnang’s blog contest :)

  19. Lux G. :

    Hope my entry got through. Good luck to us!

  20. Sachie Reyes :

    We got your entry, Kat! Thanks for joining! <3

  21. Sachie Reyes :

    It got through, Lux! Thank you for joining and good luck! :)

  22. Emily Santiago :

    This is interesting!!

  23. Sandra Thea Christina Delantar-Alsier :

    Hello! I submitted an entry yesterday but I didn’t get a confirmation via email so i’d like to make sure it got through. How to know? =)

  24. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Sandra! Unfortunately, we don’t really give out confirmation e-mails as of now. I checked the pool of entries, though, and we got yours! Thank you for joining and good luck! :)

  25. Hazel :

    Hi! I would like to update the link of my entry. I just changed my blog url (I already updated my nuffnang account) and you may not see my entry. Where should I send the new link? THanks!

  26. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Hazel! Please just submit a new entry. :)

  27. elenita abad :

    “Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!” and blog about Fool-Proof Gift Giving Ideas for All Occasions. I wishes im the one lucky here because sharing my my mom coming this birthday on septs and my silbings working its then my 2 little niece….

  28. Jomar Lipon :

    Did my entry go through? Thanks

  29. Sachie Reyes :

    It did. :) Thank you for joining!

  30. Bianca Rei :

    Hello. Can you confirm that my entry was received?

  31. Sachie Reyes :

    We received your entry, Bianca Rei! Thank you for joining and good luck! :)

  32. John John Abella :

  33. Gabby Paras :

    Hi! I submitted my entry. Kindly confirm, please. :)

  34. Tasha :

    Hi, just sent my entry :) Hope you got it!

  35. Herlyn Calabio :

    Hope my entry went through <3

  36. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi Gabby, we got your entry! :)

  37. Sachie Reyes :

    We got it, Tasha! Thanks for joining!

  38. Sachie Reyes :

    It did! Thanks for joining, Herlyn! :)

  39. Hazel :

    Hi Ms. Sachie! I was sending another entry (because I updated my blog url) and it says I can’t submit because the url of my instagram and facebook post is the same (has been sent already) what should I do? Thanks!

  40. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi Hazel, I sent you an e-mail! :)

  41. Marice Adraneda :

    Hi Nuffnang, just submitted my blog entry. Thank you! :) Here it is:

  42. Eileen Layno :

    Hi Sachie,

    May I request confirmation that my entry was received? I hope I am not too late.


  43. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi Eileen, we got your entry! <3 Thank you for joining and good luck!

  44. Sachie Reyes :

    Thanks, Marice!

  45. Rania Panandigan :

    Submitted my entry! I hope you got it! :)

  46. Arlene Barrozo :

    Hi! just sent my blog entry last day. Thank you!

  47. Roby :

    Hi Nuffnang! Just submitted my entry! I hope it got through! Thank you and happy long weekend everyone! :)

  48. Stephanie :

    Hello Sachie! I am having trouble with my internet connection right now… May I ask if my submission got through? Thank you so much!

  49. Jay de Guzman-Yasona :

    Hi Sachie,

    Hope you received my entry.

    Thank you :)

  50. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Rania! We got your entry! :)

  51. Sachie Reyes :

    We got your entry, Arlene! Thank you!

  52. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Roby! Your entry got through! Enjoy your long weekend <3

  53. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Stephanie! Your entry got through :) Thank you for joining!

  54. Sachie Reyes :

    Hi, Jayreen! Got your entry <3 Thank you!

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