The Best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen to Use This 2018

Don’t let your viewers watch a sad vlog with 90% shake and bad audio. We’ve made this list of our top vlog camera choices for 2018. These are the fool-proof, most highly-rated vlogging cameras that are worth every penny. Plus, they have flippy screens. This time, vow never to skimp on vlogging cameras!

This list is just a little overview of YouTubers’ favorite vlogging cameras and not an in-depth review.

Enjoy and choose wisely!

Canon G7X Mark II

Price: P25,000 – P36,000

IMAGE Canon USA Website

The Canon G7X is a no-brainer. A good number of YouTubers prefer this camera primarily because of how good the quality is. It’s steady even if you walk meters, and the audio is really good and crisp too.

But the best thing about this in our opinion is that you get high-quality footage and it won’t feel heavy while you’re vlogging. You can keep reaching your arm out for a long time and survive a whole vlogging day. Autofocus is great and it has Wi-Fi for quick file transfers.

YouTubers like Joan Kim and more recently Camille Co use the G7X for sit-down videos as well.

Sony Alpha 5100

Price: P22,000 – P30,000

IMAGE Sony Philippines Website

Next to the famous Canon G7X is the Sony Alpha 5100 (or Sony a5100). Unlike the G7X which is mainly a point-and-shoot cam, the Sony a5100 is a mirrorless interchangeable-lens one.

This is a perfect entry-level camera for aspiring photographers and videographers. The controls are straightforward and easy to use, and the option for new lenses is great if you’re planning to use this camera for travel photos as well. Autofocus is pretty good too, focusing as fast as 0.07 seconds. The a5100 is also Wi-Fi enabled.

The Sony a5100 is Beauty YouTuber Ivan Lam’s camera of choice:

Sony RX100 Mark V

Price: P56,999

IMAGE Sony Philippines Website

This one does 4K and 120 frames per second for all your high quality slow-mo needs. It autofocuses with a speed of 0.05 seconds, the first in the RX series to have that incredible AF speed. And you even get a viewfinder, something I think is a must-have for any photographer. Sometimes sunlight just doesn’t want to be your friend.

It comes with a hefty price tag through! If you’re wondering, Sony’s RX100 Mark III and Mark IV are also great vlogging cameras for a cheaper price. But you won’t get that incredibly fast AF speed!

Tech YouTuber iJustine uses the Sony RX100 Mark V for her vlogs.



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