#GlobeOfGood: Just by sharing your volunteer ideas, you too can make a difference!

It’s summer and it feels like it’s only getting hotter by the day. To cool ourselves down, most of us would spend our free time to go on vacation to escape the hot and humid weather in the city.

Though this seems to be the easiest thing to do, there are still some of us who use their precious free time for something else — something better. They could have gone somewhere relaxing, yet they choose to help communities in need and share what they have with people whom they barely know.

Volunteer work is fulfilling. That’s what we learned from a friend of ours who happens to be a registered nurse. Read on as she shares with us her memorable experience!

Summer time is synonymous to vacation. It is always associated with beach, travel, fun and excitement. People of all ages really looked forward for this season to fulfill all their planned activities and spend it with their loved ones. 

When I was a kid, leaving the school premises for summer vacation gives me mixed emotions. Happy because there will be no school works, sad because I will be missing my friends, nervous and excited because of the new challenges that awaits for the next school year. 

As I remember, during my elementary and high school days, we were taught how to keep our environment neat and clean at all times. Studying in a private school with janitors/janitresses around doesn’t give us the reason to rely on them at all times. Each day, there are assigned students to clean the room after the class. This simple act taught us how to be responsible with the given task that was assigned to us thus helping other people with their jobs. 

As I grew up and entered the world of medical profession, helping and reaching out to other people is our way of life. Providing a simple act of kindness or saving their lives in the most unexpected way means a lot to them. This experience gave us the notion of extending our nature of work through adoption of communities outside our institution to lend a hand to those in need. 

Being a medical personnel doesn’t always give you the opportunity to have a vacation just like the others. Our work doesn’t have holidays nor weekend offs. What we have is compassion and service towards others. 

Summer time is just around the corner once again, our institution informed us that they have organized a program where a lot of people will benefit and enjoy. At first, I thought that joining a volunteerism activity will just make me feel bored. Until I experienced it through Brigada Eskwela. This experience gave me all the memories that I had when I was young and the feeling of going back to school made me feel happy. Since it is our adopted community, the said program was held in an elementary public school. This activity opened up my eyes that beautifying and tidying of the school means a lot to the students in order for them to have a conducive environment for learning. As we all know, during this kind of activity, teachers, students and their parents are the ones cleaning the school. To tell you honestly, this is a tough job since the classrooms hasn’t been cleaned from the time the classes has ended. Dust, stained walls, unpainted chairs and tables are the ones that’s going to welcome you once you get inside the room. Every year, our institution is conducting this activity with an estimated 400 participants coming from the different departments. Through this, we will be able to help them finish the activity right before the classes starts. 

After the activity, it really felt so good to see our work of art. We just didn’t help them produce a conducive learning environment but also, we gained new friends from other volunteers and self fulfilment that our summer time had ended meaningfully. We might not have that “vacation” that everyone dreamt of, but we gained smiles and gratitude from our adopted community and these can’t be replaced by anything else.

If this got you inspired to do some volunteer work, try joining #GlobeOfGood. Just by sharing your volunteer ideas, you too can make a difference. We provided a form below where you can write all your ideas down!

Janrae Balunes
Nuffnang Community Team

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