Experience Like No Other with Sony’s World’s Breakthroughs

Since Sony was founded over 60 years ago, it has been known for introducing many world’s firsts. The first all-transistor radio in 1955. The first Trinitron Colour Television in 1968. The first CD player in 1982. The first consumer digital video camcorder in 1995. The first “Blu-ray Disc” recorder in 2003. The first consumer digital HD video camcorder conforming to HDV standards in 2004. And how many of us do not know the Walkman, the pioneer in personal audio? These technological breakthroughs represent milestones not just for Sony, but for the rest of the world as well.

“Sony is first not just in terms of powerful technology, but also in terms of meaningful technology,” said Mr. Toshiya Kagita, President and Managing Director of Sony Philippines. “Our innovations are meant to enhance our customers’ appreciation of life.”

In a campaign to bring holiday cheer like no other, the consumer electronics brand known for bringing world’s first technologies is holding the Sony Expo 2008, at the SMX Convention Center from December 5-7, 2008. Sony will be showcasting eight world breakthrough innovations, which can easily be Christmas gift suggestions for the people in your life.


1. World’s First Motionflow 240Hz LCD TV: Bravia Z450

Sony has surprised people with another advancement in motion technology with its Bravia Z450, the world’s first LCD TV with the Motionflow 240Hz technology. It enables the display of fast-moving images with total precision and smoothness by increasing the image stability by quadrupling the number of frames rate per second by interpolating three new

frames to reduce motion blur. This results to a more comfortable and exceptional motion picture viewing. Just imagine you and your family watching fast, action-packed sports programs together without motion blur! This is the chance to see the games clearly and without any hindrance whatsoever.


2. World’s First Noise Canceling Notebook Computer: VAIO T Series

The VAIO T Series is the world’s first notebook PC that has a noise-cancelling feature combined with a Sound Reality chip and bundled noise-cancelling headphones to generate high-quality audio performance. It is also an extremely compact and lightweight notebook for business and personal use, providing exceptional audio and visual performance. The noise-cancelling feature of the VAIO T laptop enables moms to work productively in a house full of rambunctious kids. For the hard working executive, every second counts. Even in the middle of a noisy airport lounge or a busy shopping mall, he needs to concentrate and get some work done, the noise canceling feature of the VAIO is imperative for optimum productivity even in the most distracting environment.


3. World’s First RGB LED Backlight LCD TV: Bravia X450

The Bravia X450 is the world’s first LCD TV to have the newly developed RGB Dynamic LED backlighting technology. It brings to life the warm, brilliant and beautiful hues of the images in the screen. Combining the unique arrangement of red, blue, and green LEDs with dynamic backlight control, the Bravia X450 generates sufficient light to produce rich dark tones that replicate the most natural images for viewing. This is the perfect gift for your loved ones who can appreciate the vivid textures and colors of rich cultures and various hues of nature right in the comfort of their living room. The vivacity of the colors as portrayed on the Bravia X450’s screen will make them feel that they are really part of the journey of nature.


4. World’s First Slimmest Camera with Optical Image Stabilizer: Cyber-Shot T77

Right now, sharing of media files with friends and loved ones through the Internet is par for the course for young Filipinos. Sony has captured the youth’s need to have a stylish, yet, innovative camera. Sony’s Cyber-Shot T77 is the world’s first best, slimmest camera with an optical image stabilizer, Optical SteadyShot. Together with an improved High Sensitivity mode of ISO 3200, it reduces camera shake and motion-blur for taking pictures in low-light situations. These days, a slim and stylish camera is a girl’s best friend. It is a perfect gift for those who want to capture precious memories with their friends and family. Plus, with T77’s slim and sleek style, it totally complements your best outfits for any occasion.


5. World’s First Smallest, Lightest and Slimmest Full HD Camcorder: TG1 Handycam

On-the-go types would be happy to know that Sony has invented TG1 HD Handycam, the world’s first smallest, lightest and slimmest full HD camcorder. It is just about the size of a wallet! This is small enough to become an everyday accessory. Despite the small size of this camera, the TG1 combines the power of Sony’s ClearVid™ CMOS Sensor with Exmor™-derived technology and BIONZ™ Imaging Processor, technologies commonly associated with digital single-lens reflex cameras (D-SLR). Recording sweet and precious everyday moments will be so easy. Imagine being able to capture your baby’s first step or first word without fuss. Not only is it convenient to bring everywhere you go, it also results in excellent video quality that you would be proud to share with everyone. A gadget that is ideal for yuppies or just about anyone who likes to keep anything worth sharing in high definition.


6. World’s First Noise Canceling Portable Music Player: NWZ-S730 Series

The NWZ-S730 Series, or NWZ-S738 (8 GB) and NWZ-S736 (4 GB), is the world’s first music player series with the integrated noise-cancelling technology that can cancel up to 75 percent of ambient noise. Its high quality EX Headphones also has an in-built noise canceling function that can also enhance you over-all listening experience. An in-box
adaptor can also turn your Walkman® player and EX headphones combination into noise canceling headphones for other devices. Just connect the in-box adaptor to your NWZ-S730 Series walkman and an airplane’s AV system via an audio jack and you can now be able to enjoy watching an in-flight movie with the Sony’s noise-cancelling technology. This is the product that will capture the heart of young boys or those young at heart. Music lovers would find this a heaven-sent gift as they could finally really lose themselves in their music without any distractions. And this also comes with the advantage of portability that will make it convenient to bring around everywhere.


7. World’s First Noise Canceling Headphones: MDR-NC500D

One of Sony’s latest forays into headphones is the MDR-NC500D. It is also known as the world’s first noise cancelling headphones. It can effectively reduce approximately 99% of ambient noise while providing a high-quality audio experience. An in-built Digital Noise Cancelling (DNC) software engine makes use of a digital filter to effectively eliminate ambient noise. Also, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Noise Cancelling feature of MDR-NC500D enables the headphones to automatically scan the user’s ambient surroundings and choose the most favorable noise cancellation profile by simply pushing the ‘AI Mode’ button. The generous-sized drivers and a digital equalizer to ensure excellent audio reproduction complement its noise-cancelling attribute. This product is the ultimate gift for people who love to travel. If you have friends or family members who like to fly all over the globe, this is it. Not only are you giving them convenience and quality, you would also be giving them peace of mind in their travels.


8. World’s First 24.6 MP Full Frame DSLR: α900 DLSR Camera

Sony’s α900 DLSR Camera is a world’s first in offering 24.6 megapixel full-frame Exmor™ CMOS sensor with a built-in image stabilizer, SteadyShot® INSIDE. The 24.6-megapixel Exmor™ CMOS image sensor in the α900 is designed from the ground up for 35mm full-frame imaging, and is produced using proprietary Sony planarization technologies to ensure an ultra-flat surface across the entire imaging area. The SteadyShot® INSIDE is a body-integrated anti-shake system that can capture sharp images with a shutter speed up to 2.5 to 4 stops slower than possible for a sensor this size. This sensor-shift, optical image stabilization system works with all α series lenses, including wide, fixed focus and large aperture lenses, which have traditionally been difficult to implement in lens-based stabilization systems. The α900 would be a fine gift for those whose hobby is photography, or better yet, for yourself, if you feel like you want to be a professional photographer.

Sony’s world’s first products are great for gift-giving this Christmas. Not only are you assured of the great quality of the creations of Sony, you would also be giving your loved ones something that has made history. Wouldn’t that be great?

The Christmas Treasures 2008 campaign, showcases the Sony’s latest product line-ups fit for the season. Catch the Sony Expo 2008 scheduled on December 5-7, 2008 at the SMX Convention Center, beside Mall of Asia. Enjoy the best deals and offers this season with Sony’s Christmas Treasures Promo ongoing from November 14 to January 18, 2009. To avail of the exclusive offers, you can also visit one of the 23 exhibits nationwide, or drop by Sony Squares and authorized Sony dealers nationwide.

To find out more, call Sony’s Customer Contact Center at (02) 878-7600 or 0917-8077669, email them at or visit their website